Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A short mention for Tuesday.

I set a goal to not go over 1500 calories yesterday and came in at 1520 total so not too bad at all, This morning my back feels about 70% better so I will give it the entire day and decide whether I will ride my bike later tonight when that time comes. 1.75 gallons of fluid went down the hatch yesterday and I am working on my first half gallon of tea for the day as I type so hydration is happening. With any hope my back will feel peachy by tomorrow and I can start in on the cardio again, I am slightly worried that the lack of movement this week will cause me to not lose but that is to be seen.

This morning I have some errands to run but I wanted to get an update post in before my day swallowed up all of my time so there it is. I am on the way outside to squirrel proof a bird feeder that we bought for my daughter over the weekend before I leave so make sure that you get that H2O into your day, I may be back later with more of a post but in case I can't this shall be it.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever

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  1. I barely drank any liquids at all yesterday. Until my binge when I drank half a liter of soda and a small milk. Good for you, and thanks for the reminder. I just made a half gallon of tea, and am working on a quart right now. Have a good day. Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com