Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend report and a challenge to myself.

Just when I thought spring was here it was 17 degrees when I woke up! the man in the magic box says that it will be back in the 50's by Wednesday so maybe spring weather is on the way and will stick around later in the week. Sunday I did not follow plan much at all and as much as I want to blame my in laws it was me that lifted the fork to mouth so its squarely on my shoulders. The day started off well enough, I had a capicola sandwich for breakfast around 9:30 am for just about 300 calories, then wify decided that we were heading to a flea market that comes around every year at a drive in movie theater with her mom so off we went. I did score a brand new still in the box hurricane lamp for 3 bucks so the trip was well worth it but then as we were packing up I am sitting in the car and I hear Wifys mom say "Friendly's?" wify looked at me I shrugged and we decided that it was Friendly's restaurant for lunch, this is not really a problem as I had 1400 calories left for the day and the meal that I get when I am there costs me 700 so it would have afforded me 700 calories for the rest of the day. When we were all done the lively waitress asked us what kind of sundaes we would like as all of the meals included one, I caved and got a cone which was not my best decision of the day but hey! I had 700 calories right? (that folks is thinking like a fat person through and through) but what is done cannot be undone and I figure that I will have a light dinner since such a hefty lunch went down, and home we went.


Enter my Father in law, I had forgotten that later in the day Wifys pops was stopping by and I had picked up some hot Italian turkey sausages for the grill so I figured I would be going over my calories for the day and that I did. I had 2 of these sausages on light hot dog rolls with some spicy mustard, not so bad but then I found myself grabbing another one about 20 minutes later just kind of randomly as we were sitting around talking so 3 total! yep, not only was I thinking like a fat person (earlier) now I was acting like one! wify made corn with this meal (which I had none of) and her pops brought this roll of, um I am unsure what it was BUT it was good! it was some sort of pasta alternative that was made with corn meal and spices which was grilled along with the sausages and topped with caper, olive and hot pepper sauce, I had 2 servings of it and man was it good! 70 calories per serving so not too bad but remember the 3 sausages and rolls that I had so all together, well, not so good either.

This weekend the only exercise I got was some yard work on Friday (about an hour and a half of raking etc) Saturday we did our bulk grocery shopping so walking around shopping for 4+ hours (which is not exercise but it was movement so I will mention it) and then Sunday we walked around that huge flea market for a couple of hours and while grilling the sausages I shot some hoops with my son and wifys step father for about 20 minutes but nothing that I would call exercise this weekend was had. This means a few things to me, it first means that I let some old habits peek in on me over the weekend and for that my body shall be punished this week where exercise plays a part. I will ride my bike twice per day for no less than two 20 minute rides per day for 5 days. I will walk 1.5 to 2 miles once per day on every day that weather permits a walk (I have to bring my daughter in her stroller so too cold means no walkie) and I will strength train (with dumb bells, its all I got right now) every day, each day a different body part until Friday, and I will do one of wifys yoga routines 3 times before Friday. To some that sounds like a normal week of working out, to others it sounds like a week of hell, I fall somewhere in between that spectrum and this will be a challenge for me to complete all of that this week but its what I am going to do to make up for my lack of exercise Sunday and the binge, yes we will call it a binge .

Lessons learned this weekend, when someone says "friendly's?" with a big smile on their face, its not always the best idea to agree. Lesson two, just because the vibe in the room is all loosey goosey chit chat flying around and there is a plate of hot Italian sausages on the table does NOT mean you get to eat 3 of them when you weigh 350 pounds just because you are not paying attention. Lesson three, eat too much and do not work out all weekend means that its time to pay up over the next week with lots of hard work and exercise. Honestly, that last part I am fine with because is it really that wrong to when you eat a bit off track to up the intensity or amount of exercise that gets done that week to make up for the extra calories? see I thought you would agree.

Don't forget that H2O and tune in tomorrow to find out just how much exercise I got into today! I am off to start in on my first ride and possibly some yoga, and in the infamous words of Porky pig, Thats all folks!

As Ever


  1. Tough, tough, tough. I think you hit the nail on the head with the "thinking and acting like a fat person" stuff - EXCEPT - I often see my naturally thin husband do the same sort of thing. Here's the difference: if you continue on that path, that is truly thinking and acting like a fat person. Too many times, we say the heck with it and continue with the bad/fat habits. If you don't and return to eating normally and exercising normally soon after that is thinking and acting like the thin guy within.

    Oh, and that cornmeal roll? I think you were eating polenta. One of my very, very favorite starch alternatives. You can top it with lots of stuff. One of my favorites is to grill or roast veggies then grill the polenta. YUM.