Friday, March 27, 2009

Weigh in and more feet! down the scale goes!

This week has been a decent one where exercise and intake goes, I ate within my calorie range every day besides Sunday when I had way too many Italian sausage sandwiches but because of that decided to up the workouts. When I stepped on the scale this morning the display said 345.2 pounds, then it was 345.4 pounds twice so that means a 2 pound loss exactly for the week. I am happy with that loss, and that makes a total of 10 pounds lost in the last 3 weeks, who could complain about numbers like that right? I am up to 189 total pounds lost which means that I am only 11 pounds away from having lost 200 total pounds! That's a pretty exclusive club right there, not exactly a club that someone might want to be a part of but even still. I have decided that I will from here on out post a photo of the scale on weigh in day, so get use to my feet on Fridays! Here is that picture along with some others of things that I have lost and something that weighs the same as me.

Feet made to stop stone vehicles I know but would ya look at that 2 pound loss!

This 1984 GSX250 comes in at 345 pounds like guess who?! that's right me.

This strapping young lassie is Ann Gardner, and her show weight is 189 pounds which is what I have lost so far.

I have 70 more pounds to lose to reach my original goal of weighing 275 pounds, a mere 70 pounds?! to some people 70 sounds like a lot, to others its a drop in the bucket and yet to other people it may even feel like an impossibility I guess it all depends on the frame of mind you are in. When I started losing the weight in Jan 2008 I would have loved for it to be just 70 pounds that I had to lose but it wasn't, it was 259 pounds so this last 70 feels like the home stretch to me! and honestly, I don't think I will stop at 275 pounds, like I mentioned previously I do want to get to 265 pounds so that I weigh the same as my father so I am already setting goals beyond my current goals. I also feel that I will continue down the path once I hit those weights as well and then there is the skin issue that I know will be there when I start hitting sub 300 pound ranges but that is a bridge that will have to be crossed when I get there.

My calories for Thursday came in at 1605 total and I rode my bike for 20 minutes, I had a gallon and a half of water and about 32oz of green tea because I forgot to brew some up the night before. I am planning to take today off as far as doing exercise but it rained last night and the sun is out right now and welp, it looks to be a perfect day for a walk so containing myself may prove easier said than done, and when 7:30PM comes around my body almost moves towards the stationary bike on its own lately, so we shall see if I do not exercise today. That about wraps up this weigh in and it was a good week all the way around, next week I expect the same thing and plan on sticking to what I am doing because its obviously working.

Thank you all who take the time to leave me some support and don't forget that H2O and try to make the best out of every day, a positive attitude will carry you further than you know.

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  1. Congrats on the weight. What an inspiration you are. I showed my son your blog this morning and he was impressed. Bless his heart, I wish that I could get him to try a food and exercise program. I am trying to be an example for good, instead of bad. I just found your blog and love your passion!

  2. Good on ya, mate! Congrats! Enjoy the day - we're looking at the 60's and sunshine here in Ct - I gotta get out to the garden this morning - aaahhh - spring! Got my seeds, and I am ready for some green!

  3. You are doing great. I am close to the 70 lbs lost mark. I really want to get to that 200 lbs lost.

  4. Read your blog all the time. Thanks for sharing your story. I have lost 40 pounds so far this year and hope to lose 70 more to get down to 210. I'll race you!

  5. This is so awesome! I just love it that you're not perfect, yet you make adjustments and do the best you can to correct yourself. As I was reading I realized you've lost more weight than what I currently weigh and had the thought that at one point I could one of your pictures LOL! Congrats and keep up the great work!

  6. Wow...only 11 pounds to go until the 200 pound lost mark! That's amazing! doesn't even seem possible that you've lost that much weight already! You have worked so hard, and stuck with it for so long! Congrats!

  7. Nic job. Wish I could find your grit!

  8. You are doing an awesome job!!I look forward to reading your blogs because you continue to inspire me:)

  9. Way to go on your weight loss this week, you are doing wonderful.