Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lavish life, Salmon & fauxtatoes, pictures inside!

Today I ate like a king, well I am not sure how a king eats but it was a very good day with very good very healthy meals and I found a new item to add to my body fueling arsenal. Today was our "bulk shopping day" and that usually means that we get a nice piece of fresh fish for dinner, today was no different. Let me start with breakfast first as this will be a meal related post, I woke up late and had a bowl of corn chex cereal with 1% milk, bamn! the breakfast portion of this post has concluded, like a king you say? Ok, that was around 9am and we set out to get our shopping done and 1:00 pm came around and we had still not eaten lunch, yes yes, I know that's not a good idea! AND you said you ate like a king Mister Meatball! welp wify had bought some "honey wheat pretzels" so I grabbed a few 7 or 8 of em and it stopped the grumbling from the gut region, "hey now you said Very good, very healthy meals!?" yes yes we are getting there, while in the market I picked out a couple cucumbers and some nice ripe tomatoes and off to find some pita bread I went, while looking around I see something that says "Joseph's flax oat bran and whole wheat flower lavish bread" on it, 100 calories per whole piece and 3g of fiber to boot so into the cart it went. After getting home it was time to get a proper meal type food into my stomach and earlier in the day I remembered that someone on a forum mentioned cucumber sandwiches but made on wheat pita bread.

Here is where the good food comes into play and its such a simple little wrap for so little calories that I have to say that I wish I had come across the idea sooner! I skinned a whole cucumber and sliced it up diagonally with one of the tomatoes and that's pretty much all that goes into these besides the dressing, salt and pepper. I spread a tiny amount of Newmans own light honey mustard dressing across one end of the lavish bread and laid the cucumbers and tomato on top of it, then added salt and pepper rolled the veggies once into the bread. I added a tiny smear of Miracle whip between that and the end of the bread, rolled it all the way up and ate my new favorite lunch item. Each wrap was roughly 150 calories and that was counting high! two was more than filling and I have to admit that I ate too much and one would really have been enough but like I said they were awesomeness wrapped in lavish bread. 1 whole cucumber and maybe 2/3 of a medium tomato was used to make 3 wraps, wify really liked them as well and we will be making them again for sure, now onto dinner.

Dinner as I mentioned was fresh fish, we had grilled salmon fillets with mashed cauliflower and green beans and to say that I enjoyed this meal does not begin to say how good it was. I bought 1.5 pounds of fresh Atlantic salmon fillets and decided to cook it out on the grill, and the only prep was a light garlic rub, some black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and onto the grill they went, here is a look at them as they cooked to a perfect 135 degrees.

This is a shot as I turned them over after the non skinned side cooked for about 5 minutes.

and right as they were done and brought inside.

The mashed cauliflower was absolutely amazing and it was also a very simple recipe that I sort of just winged and made up as I went using my mashed potato recipe. I boiled 2.5 pounds of fresh cauliflower for about 7 minutes until it was soft but not falling apart, drained it and dumped it back into the pot where I mashed it up with a mixer after mixing in about a tablespoon of minced garlic, 1.5 tablespoons of Smart balance spread, less than 1/4 cup of 1% milk and some black pepper. Once that was as mixed as it was going to get I put about 2/3 of that into a food processor and blended it into a smooth mix and poured it back into the still lumpy mixed portion so that there would be some texture to it, fold in a bit of Parmesan cheese and into a casserole dish it goes. I then shook a bit of parm cheese over the top of the whole thing and into a 400 degree oven it went for about 7 minutes, I then stuck it under the broiler for a minute or two to brown the top and that's it! the fauxtatoes were done! Here is a look at my plate seconds before I dug in and cleaned my entire plate.

8oz grilled salmon steak, 1 cup green beans, slightly more than a cup of mashed fauxtatoes ala cauliflower, about 600 calories and quite filling.

If this had been served to me in a restaurant I would have given the chef my compliments, it was honestly that good! so as a king I was fed today as far as I am concerned and a couple more high quality low calorie options get added to my eating arsenal. That will conclude another post and I hope you got your H2O in today! I have had a gallon of green tea and about a quart of water so far myself and will have about another 1/2 gallon of water before I retire for the evening, keep on keepin on and remember there ARE options to fatty high calorie foods out there that will allow us to eat heartily and until we are full. Thanks for following along and check in tomorrow for the next episode of as the fat guy turns.

As Ever


  1. Dude, those fauxpoatoes look awesome. I will definitely be trying them next weekend!


  2. I agree that the fauxpotatoes look great. I have a bag of garlic cauliflower in the freezer maybe I'll modify them if I don't like them as is. The salmon looked great too. I need to get some soon. Grilling outside is sounding really good. Keep up the great work.

  3. Honey wheat pretzels sounds great, I will have to try that.
    Wow the grilled salmon looks great!!

  4. My favorite flat/bread wrap is one I can only find at BJ's. It just says "Roll-Up" on the front. It is made by Damascus Bakeries in Brooklyn NY. OMG I love those things. 110 calories and 7 grams of fiber per rollup. I use them for sandwiches and even to make little pizzas. In the summer we throw them on the grill with whatever we want on top. YUM, YUM.

    Great job on your eating plan!

  5. OK, time for me to suck it up and try cauliflower again!! (Haven't tried it since I was a kid) You so rock! Mr. Chef!!

  6. That fish looks so mouth watering yummy!!!

    It really is mouth watering! mmm!!

    I made your recipe for the Sweet Potato Fries tonight. I can't believe how great the taste!!
    Who would'a though?!? They're yummy!!

    I am loving all of your recipes.
    The Pita with the veggies is my next make! Sounds SOOOOOo delish!

    Oh and I am SOOOOOOO Proud of you!!!! You are doing awesome!!!

    Keep on keepin' on and I will keep on readin'!

  7. Stephen, You will not be disappointed!

    Thanks to you all for the continued support and encouragement :)

    As Ever

  8. I've never had cauliflower like that, but am going to test it out very soon! I want to see if my kids will be able to tell the difference!

    I was really hoping to find a video of you on here, since I've not been around for a while! :(

    What's up with the no video thing?! I'm sure I could read back and find an explanation....maybe I'll try that. :)

    I'm SOOOOO glad, and sOOOOOO impressed to see that you are still going strong. You make me feel like a total loser (and not in a Biggest Loser kind of way hahaha).

    I've been a terrible blog buddy lately, I know, but know that I think about you quite often, and I'm rooting for your away from the computer every day!!!!!