Friday, February 27, 2009

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Weigh in has come again like every week but this time around its a little different, This week I did not stay on plan, this week I did not eat like I should have yesterday in particular and the scale shows that to me this morning. I have said it before and I will reiterate again that this blog is for accountability so honesty is what you will get when I say that it is my fault that there is no loss this week. The scale told me that I was not a good boy when I stepped on this morning and the display read 357.4 which is more than 5 pounds higher than last Friday. I have not exercised a single day this week past Saturday and ate enough yesterday to cover 3 days worth of calories, now that's just a estimate but if I were a betting man that would be my guess and the fact that in the last 2 days I have only drank about 1/2 gallon of fluid probably doesn't help either. Three nights this week I have had 5 or less hours of sleep per night as well, when all of these things are put together "you get what we had here last week".

Negativity breeds more of the same and Momma always said that if I didn't have anything nice to say than I should keep my mouth shut and that could explain why I haven't posted much this week. I know that its been a not so good week and I feel about the same way. In an older post I mentioned "Talking like a fat person" and I guess I have been doing that this week just a bit because I have been under some stress which is not weight loss related "Oh hey You have been under stress? its ok that you slipped then" No its not! Life happens, stress is part of that from time to time and I have not stayed focused under this stress. Turning to food because of stress is likely why most of us gain weight in the first place, that or getting married! yes that puts weight on as well for all of you single people reading this. Either way it should not be a reason to eat, it should not mean that game is off until the stresser exits stage left.

I am tired of juggling the same five pounds already and it is time to stop the madness and get below 350 pounds. I have been sick for more than a week and that had a hand but again its no excuse but I am feeling better so I am back on from this point on, not because I want to be but because I have to be. "Ain't ya scared? Ain't ya scared of dyin'?" Thats what started this all isn't it? 14 months ago I WAS scared of "dyin'" and just because I am comfortable in my own skin again doesn't mean that I can lose focus, it does not mean that the fat burning party is over and because I can slide into a booth now certainly does not mean its time to scream success, because I have a long way to go before I reach that finish line.

Today starts me back into my old ways, well my new old ways because my old old ways would mean that I keep eating, or something. I am tired of moving this dirt in and out of "Boss Kean's ditch" where this five pounds is concerned so its done today, I am back on track stress or no stress, sick or no sick because I have to. Thank you for following along and don't forget to drink that H2O which sounds hypocritical coming from the guy that drank a total of a half gallon of fluid in 2 days! but know that while I wrote this I consumed slightly less than a half gallon of green tea.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. Thanks for this post. I had a tough week too, and kept telling myself it was okay to not exercise and eat badly because I was stressed, busy, and tired. Nice to know that you go through it, too. Good luck!

  2. You can do it. Look how far you've come already! So you didn't feel like it for a while. Start now. Or, well, Saturday morning. Get up and walk around the block or walk in place while watching morning cartoons. You can do this! Vee at

  3. You can do this.
    I understand what you're saying about having nothing good to post, because I have been in the same place. BUT (there's always a big "but" with me - ha) I tried posting after one day of failure instead of waiting until I was back on track and I think it helped me get back on course faster. Just a thought.
    Are you gonna ride this weekend?

  4. Good to see you Tony. I had a bad week the other week. We know what to do we just have to keep doing it. You have had an amazing journey. I know this week will be better for you. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm working on upping my water again too.

  5. Oh can I ever relate! Yikes. I had two really bad weeks and a 5 pound gain, and I finally think I've got it together this week.

    Get back to business, many!