Friday, February 6, 2009

Weighing in, thats all I got for a title today.

I made it to Friday (did I think I wouldn't?) so you know what that means its weigh in day and week one, well I started in the middle of the week but you get the idea, week one of the upping the calories experiment. As I do every Friday its wake up, rest room and straight to the scale and the first time on it read 354.o on the nose but I looked down and noticed that I was wearing my heavy sweat shorts and socks (which is not what I wear for weigh in) so off went the socks and shorts and now its just skivvys and a tee shirt and 353.2 flashes across the display, attempt number two was the same as well as third times a charm, so .8 of a pound loss this week so I will take it down to 353 on my "current weight" not so bad and kind of what I expected, I honestly would not have been surprised at a no loss week because of the weekend that I had. This mornings weigh in brings me to 181 total pounds lost which leaves 78 to go for me to reach 275 pounds my original goal.

Last night right before bed my throat started to hurt and I can't have that! I want to up the exercise this week remember? so I made myself a big cup of hot green tea and added a bit of the good stuff, about a tablespoon of Honey and slightly more than a shot of Easy Jesus AKA E&J Brandy. I slept like a baby and honestly woke up feeling better but my throat is still a little dry feeling so as I write this I am having another cup of hot green tea sans the E&J of course but the honey seems to be helping. With some hope and lots of honey laced green tea I am thinking that this will be gone by tomorrow morning and I can keep with my plan to exercise more this week.

Here is a 353 pound yellow fin tuna for your viewing pleasure, he and I weigh the same at the time of his death.

This Honda Rukus comes in at 181 pounds which is what I have lost so far it is unbelievable to me that I was toting a scooter around on my back for all that time!

Over all I am on schedule (like there is an actual schedule I am following) and honestly I have done nothing in the way of real exercise this week besides painting and the every day house work so that .8 of a pound is 100% on diet for the most part which I guess wouldn't be 100% but maybe 92% yeah that sounds right. Besides .8 of a pound is a good loss, I mean its not a 3 pound week but a loss is a loss is how I see it at this stage of the game. There are going to be weeks that the losses are big and then there will be small loss weeks as well as no loss weeks even and I am on month 14 so this is no news to me! Now this week should be interesting because other than the throat (which hopefully will go away quickly) the only thing that I am doing that could be negative to the weight loss is dinner out on Saturday which is in the beginning of the week so I have time to recoup if I go overboard a bit.

Yesterday I only made it to 1700 calories and I tried! but I had to eat a pair of apples around 8pm to even get that number! I am not adjusting to this up in calories well because I have eaten @1700 for so long its a mental thing for me, I kind of know how much is going to bring me over and I am stopping there (mentally) so I will need to adjust the "mental" part of this up in calories. With that we have come to the end of another week and another post, I hope you all had a good week and a good weigh in, stay healthy, keep on moving and well you know the rest! You have earned another big ol glass of H2O so get on up and grab it.

As Ever


  1. congrats on the loss - hey, it all adds up, ya know?!

    Hope you're feeling better. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are doing such a great job! I have been struggling and I see you and it just lights the fire.


  3. Glad to see you had a lose. I think upping the calories is a good thing and I soo get about it being a mental thing. Hope you have a good week and that sore throat thing goes away.

  4. Great job, once again, on the loss! I recall reading on 3FC that a simple way to up the calories is to add full-fat foods - i.e., peanut butter, avocados, EVOO, and regular dairy (as opposed to light or fatfree)...might help "pad" the numbers a bit, without getting stuffed. Again, bravo, young sir - you truly inspire.