Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weight loss or Wait loss? Just do it.

Tomorrow I weigh in again and I am not expecting much on the scale as far as a loss goes, last weekend was not good and then I raised my calorie to 1850 per day and I do not believe that there will be a huge difference if any at all this week. Then on Saturday I am suppose to be meeting some old friends for dinner so I am expecting a not so good Dinner then either, I will in fact try and stay as low as possible throughout the day but dinner is off limits as far as counting goes, I will of course make good decisions like having unsweetened tea with splenda to drink and I will likely get a steak and baked potato which I can estimate the calories but no actual numbers will be known. What I WILL do because of the dinner on Saturday is workout harder this week, I will ride my bike every day instead of the normal 5 times, I am also planning on some walks over the weekend as it is suppose to warm up so just because I am going to enjoy a larger than normal dinner on Saturday doesn't mean I have to give up the weight loss regimen.

Looking out the big picture window in my living room I right now see a frozen lake covered with snow and cannot help but think about how in a couple of months the ice and snow will be gone and I will have a great place to start my walks again, I hope to turn the walks into runs this year but @ 300 pounds I am unsure how good of an idea running will be. In addition to the scenic route for a walk about I will have access at the cost of a stroll across the street a lake to swim in all summer! but back to the walking, the plan is to walk every day on top of my bike rides and the plan is to take a walk during the morning with my daughter, in her stroller of course so that I can keep a good 3+ mph pace and then ride my bike in the evening again like I am doing now. I have been hearing a lot about this couch to 5k thing and I may give that a try come warmer months because as you may or may not know depending on how new you are to reading my blog I want to run (yes run) a 5k race by years end, am I crazy for thinking that I can do that at my weight? maybe and it will surely be a lot of work but hey what fun is anything if its a given?

I am taking mine, how about you?

Soon enough this will become a weight loss maintenance based blog and I will be at my goal weight or further into health and I will be able to look back at each step that was taken to get there. Before long I will not recognize the fella looking back at me in the mirror as I am just being reintroduced to the guy that I knew years ago and looking at pictures that have been taken along the way on this weight loss journey I am seeing pictures that at the time I thought "wow I am really losing this weight" and I look at them now and I am so much bigger than my current weight. I am very curious to see what I look like at say 265 pounds or even less, because I am sure that I will look back through the photos of me now and think "wow I was big then" I actually carry a picture of myself on my cell phone that I can look at to remind me where I was and it has a picture of my current self photoshopped next to it, which I look at often.

Finding that this thing called weight loss is not some impossible thing is eye opening to me and I honestly have only that one regret, that I did not start sooner. There was no reason to wait to eat better, sure I had an injury that stopped me from doing physical workouts but there was no reason that I couldn't adjust my eating habits during that time. If you are reading this and think that you cannot do it, you are wrong, I felt the exact same way just 13 months ago and was actually scared that I was going to have more than just a round gut from eating unhealthy, death was something that entered my thoughts from time to time when I moved just a bit out of my comfort zone, just enough to let my heart know that I was moving. This side of the fence is much more comforting than the one where a 534 pound man resided because if I can feel this good at 355 pounds I cannot imagine what 265 will feel like.

As Ever


  1. It's funny you are planning a steak, and I'm planning Drinks! :0)

    And stop looking at yourself! You're so vain. J/K. Love you hon! And honestly, you look great and I'm loving the "new" guy I'm married to these days. Now go paint the "blue" room for me.



  2. Its funny, I remember last time I was 490, after losing 6 pounds and thinking: "man, I look so good" compared to 550, then when I got to 380 I looked at the 490 pictures and was amazed at how huge I was. I know I am feeling that way even know. Even with only 35 or so pounds lost, I look in the mirror and the difference is just enough to feel like, man, I look much better. But looking back at 580 I will be horrified I know.

    Anyway, an inspiration as always. Suppose I'll go refill my glass with water.

    Be well man.

  3. Have a great dinner out with your friends. Hopefully by Summer we'll both be running a 5k.

    I think looking at pictures is the best way to realize just how far we've come but your wife really cracked me up lol. Hope you got that room painted lol.

  4. Have a great dinner! Enjoy. You have done a great job. I have started my running regimen...I want to do a 5k by April. I have it down to 46:22...Not to bad for just starting out. It will get better!

  5. I started C25K when I was about 260 pounds and never looked back. Go for it I say!

  6. Those are really cool necklaces. I love the first one.