Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Friday challenge and maybe a video.

Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, I am The guy at the wheel after watching it plow uncontrolled through the corn field for far too long. Having control back is a good feeling and one that would not have been appreciated as it is if not for the stint away from the controls, and what I mean is that I am back. I look at photos of myself from a year ago and honestly cannot remember looking that way to my own eye, of course I can remember the struggles, of course I have the closet of 6XL shirts and size 56 jeans to remind me but I look at those old pictures and cannot remember seeing myself that big when looking into a mirror. I am back, the me that was there 10 years ago, the me that even though I was/am heavy I am not missing out on anything and then I think about how 265 pounds will feel, will I look back at pictures of me now and think "wow I was big!" or will I look back and think about how I was in control at this weight, to be found out I guess.

February has brought me an odd month where weight loss is concerned, this could be for many reasons, I have been sick, I upped my calories for a short time, ships were stationed in port for a bit and I had a weekend "binge" in the beginning but as of this morning I am still up from my lowest weight of 353 by a pound or two 19 days into this shortest of the months. I have in fact upped the exercise this week with some walking (five out of the last 7 days I have included walks into my day) and my fluid intake has been on par as well as keeping within my 1700 calorie limit besides last night when I did not weigh the Doritos that I had with my Subway for dinner, I know I know Doritos bad veggies good but they ARE my weakness. Over all this week is a good one but I do need to stay focused if I am to keep on moving in a downward direction with the weight loss.

The weather has shifted back to that of a winter tone dropping some ice and slush on us again last night, it should be warming back up by the end of the weekend but for now the bike will have to be my cardio outlet for a couple of days which brings me to a comment that was left by Joanne this morning where she mentioned a weekly challenge this week. I accept! and for every comment that I get on tomorrows weigh in post before midnight Friday I will ride 2 extra minutes on top of my normal 20 minute ride on my bike on Saturday, So once again all of you that read my blog have a chance to say that you were a part of making me thinner! the catch? there is always a catch, you have to drink a glass of H2O and say so in your comment for it to count towards the minute count for the challenge.

I also want to mention that I have been toying with the idea of posting videos up on my Friday weigh in posts for at least a few months and once I get my laptop situation taken care of I may do just that, I have a camera that can take digital video with sound and thought it would be a fun idea that could add a new layer to my blog.

That concludes the latest episode of as the fat guy turns, sound off with a comment on tomorrows weigh in post and make a fat man sweat! a lovely visual I know but it is what it is and maybe I need the push. Perhaps a video is in the near future and a voice to go with the face of Zeusmeatball oh my! Thank you for all of the support that you leave and don't forget that glass of H2O that you deserve for reading this far into the post!

As Ever


  1. Thanks for accepting the challenge. I will join you and do a forty minute walk/job on Saturday, its a little warmer in TN. I am going to trying to go from couch to 5K by the fall. As always for reading your blog I will drink a bottle of H20 on the way to work.

  2. Oh my gosh....a video?! NEAT idea! I can't wait!! :)

    Sorry I've been AWOL for the past few weeks. I've got a lot of catching up to do! Looks like you are (of course) still doing better than excellent, and I am not surprised!

    I look forward to this video of yours!!