Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thumping along

I want to start todays post off by saying that the format of my last few posts are off a little bit and you will probably notice the lack of photos as well, this is because my laptop fell off of the table and well I nee to get a new one, but I have been using my Mother in laws laptop and was asked not to change any settings or anything on it and for whatever reason when I publish a post the format is screwy so I have been trying to figure out whats happening but its temporary so I am not looking too hard at why the posts are formatting funny, bear with me, we are looking into a new laptop.

In other news I am calling this 1850 calorie thang off and going back to 1700 calories starting today, this morning I woke up and weighed 354.4 which is up from Fridays weight but there are some ships at port so I think I am more than likely just about dead even on the weight for the week so not gaining but not losing either. There are probably many factors as to why, I am sick, I have been downing Green tea with honey in it pretty much all week without counting the honey in my calories and then there is the lack of exercise this week so it can be any of those things or a combo of any or all, along with the fact that I am just plain old eating more, so I am calling it off for now.

I did get to go for a walk yesterday, it was about 50 degrees and I walked for about 25 minutes pushing my daughter in her stroller, we walked about 1.2 miles according to Gmaps and because I asked my daughter "which way honey" at one point we ended going up a very steep hill that ran about 90 yards and to say that my legs were feeling that one is putting it lightly! I mapped out a 5k route near my home (it is actually slightly longer than 5k) and I will begin walking that route to get familiar with the distance. I asked my wife if she would be interested in walking with me and she agreed but I also asked her if she would mind if I walk at night after dinner so that it will be cooler when I am doing the C25K so it looks like I will have a walking buddy for at least some of the time, "I will do whatever you need me to do to support this" That is what my wife said to me when I was talking about doing the C25K program, I think I got a keeper! She then said "I will swim whatever you run" so I am actually excited about this coming Spring/Summer for that reason.

Intake, I ate 1800 calories yesterday, unfortunately for the same reason that I am not posting images etc, the format on my excel sheet comes up all wonky when I try and put it into a post with this computer so I will just report the numbers until I get a new laptop.

That will end another mind numbing episode of as the fat man turns, I hope you will join me tomorrow to see what the scale says, and don't forget that big ol glass of H2O that ya just earned for reading along!

As Ever


  1. I'm looking forward to walking with ya! It was nice last year. And the hiking was awesome, even with the kids in tow. I think this will be a great year since we're close to meeting our goals as far as the weight loss goes, now we can set more goals for our strength and endurance. Having the lake across the street is such a bonus, for both peaceful walks and getting in some swimming.

    Love you babe,

  2. I'm excited for you, wify and kids. I love doing family things. I'm jealous of the lake *smile*. Way to go on getting that walk in. Hope you feel better.