Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something shiny caught his eye..

I have a bug, in more than one way unfortunately I hate to say because I just cannot shake this whatever it is thats got my throat sore and I have a hankering to run. Last night I was up from 1:15 am to 3:30 am because I couldn't stop coughing, I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to sort of scratch my throat and peanut butter seems to help with a sore throat so I thought I would give it a try along with some tea, long story short I am groggy this morning.

Onto the other bug, I lately have the urge to run. I have been reading a few runners blogs for the past few days and I do believe that I want to give C25K a go when the weather clears up and gets a tad warmer so that I can assure snow will not be something that derails the program once I start, we have had a terrible year for snow, I guess it is a wonderful year if you like snow! Back when I was I want to guess about 300 pounds (though judging on my current size I think that I may have been slightly more than that) I use to run a bit when I had something to think about, Usually because of the girl that I was dating at the time which we will not get too much into for now. I would run at night in a small park that was far enough away from my house that I didn't have to worry about bumping into someone that I knew (and not because I was embarrassed, more because I wanted to be alone) anyways there were two bridges in this park that were about a quarter of a mile apart so I would jog down to one of the bridges and then walk back and upon reaching my starting bridge I would do it again, trotting down to the far bridge and then walk back at a brisk pace and before long I was running for a whole mile non stop and after looking at C25K what I did back then seems very similar in concept.

Am I being too ambitious to try and run at my weight? To be found out I guess because I have decided that its someting that I want to try. Bold words fat man as you sit wrapped in a quilt sucking down green tea and honey sick as a dog with no chance of this happening right now! ahh yes but I think I am bit hard enough that it is an inevitable absolute I will begin this program when the weather breaks a bit more. I have not gone on a walk about since mid December and I was up to just under 2 miles in about 27 minutes stopping because of time not distance, so a decent pace I think for a walk and I will start walking again solo (meaning without my daughter in tow) as soon as I kick this chest/throat thing thats holding me hostage in my own body right now so that I have an idea of how the routes at this new place work out for me.

Couch to 5k is right now something that I would in my wildest dreams not think could be a task that I could complete if you asked me just 13 months ago and here I am putting it out there as something that I will try to do, that in itself to me is a victory. I feel like a puppy right now, and what I mean by that is have you ever noticed how a puppy is so eager to just run and play? that wide eyed silly look they get when something shiny catches their attention and they just take off chasing shadows? well I don't know if it is cabin fever, or maybe the fact that its been in the high 40's here lately and the snow is melting and I am getting that feeling that comes when spring happens but yesterday I was in my driveway and I looked out at the road and felt like I should run, I honestly felt like I should just take off and run as far as I could just to do it.

181 pounds ago I would think about running and literally feel drained just from thinking about it! thats the god honest truth too! my body knew better, my brain sent the message down to my legs and they just rolled their eyes and shook their head at the silly idea that the brain had and defeated I would lumber slowly to where ever it was that I needed to go. The differences from then to now prove that I am a different person from then and that is my inspiration.

As I typed this out I decided that I would take a walk when I clicked publish and thats what I will do, chest cold be damned I have missed this entire week because of it, maybe some fresh air is whats needed, maybe I will bring my camera along and snap a few shots for an afternoon post. So until next time, keep hydrated and remember that weight loss happens when we make it so, have that glass of H2O and keep on keepin on.

As Ever


  1. What exactly is C25K? Is there a training program? I've heard this term come up recently and was curious what it meant.

    Jared from

  2. Yes! You can do this, just remember to start slow and make sure to take your rest days - your body need time to recover - I also recommend intervals during runs, it will also give your body time to recover - start slow - there is no hurry - you don't want to win the race, just finish - You will love it!!

  3. Darnit! You got me sick.

    Ok, I hate running and reading your post and talking to you about it, I almost want to join you in your Couch to 5K. ALMOST being the key word here. :)

    I'll be happy to just get in the water and I can swim while you run around the lake. It's almost poetic!


  4. I told my doctor about wanting to do the C25K, and he was supportive, but stressed easing into it. I'm 260ish lbs, and his concern was the amount of pressure that would be going onto the knee ligaments when running. C25K is designed for 9 weeks, maybe stretching it to 12 or doubling it might be a good idea? The last thing you want is to hurt yourself!

    btw, Jared, will help you learn about it!

  5. Hi Zeusmeatball, I just started following your blog. I think running is a great idea. But that is because I love to run. Like Luna, the above user, said she enjoys swimming instead. I've always thought that finding an aerobic activity that you love is the best thing you can do to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Go for it! I look forward to reading about your training.


  6. I think you can sooo do this. But just pay attention to your body and if the knees start hurting back off of it till they feel better and like Bre said make sure you take your rest days. I tried to do back to back days M and T and it was to much for me so I won't try that again. Get well, wify too.

  7. Wow! Just found your blog and had to write ... major kudos on the getting healthy!

    As to running - just started my getting healthy program so I'm nowhere near able to run. I started using my kid's exercycle yesterday, and that's about it for now.

    Again, congrats! Vee at

  8. I started with C25K and am a big believer in it. I would suggest you do each week of the program at least twice.

    The reason is that your muscles will adapt to the increased stress extremely quickly but your joints and ligaments take a lot longer.

    Also, I would strongly encourage you to use a treadmill as the impact is not nearly as high.

    But my vote is go for it! Feel free to email me with any questions.

  9. Jared, C25K is a running program thats geared towards getting a person from couch to running a 5k in 9 weeks.

    Bre, yes I have wanted to be able to run 5k for a while but at 534 pounds it was but a pipedream lol now I am actually within grasping distance I think :)

    Luna...aka my wife! lol I am sorry that ya got sick :(

    Mickey, indeed slow and easy is how I want to approach this.

    Matt, my love for an aerobic activity is in hiking but I want to be able to run 5k straight too and who knows I just might switch to running because I fall in love with it :) and yes indeed Luna is an excellent swimmer and I am actually in awe of her skills in that arena :)

    bbubblyb, indeed paying attention to my body is a key to the success I think.

    Vee, Thanks for the comment and hang in there! I ride a stationary bike daily too! its my butt thats asking for the running thing ;)

    Andrew, Email sent :) Thanks!

    Thank you all for the comments and support.

    As Ever

  10. I ran the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving & I used the c25k to train. Let me tell you it is great, I could not even run 2 minutes when I started & by the end I was running for 40 minutes. You can do it.

  11. you can do this!! I am training myself for a 5k on April 4. I did my first run at it and I came in at 48:22...I have shaved off a little over 2 mins in one week!! I am so happy and thrilled. It doesn't matter the can do this. If i can anyone can!

  12. Just do it.

    Hiya meatball. I just found your blog through random blog surfing. Wow are you ever an inspiration. I may actually have to stop complaining :-)

  13. I have nothing for you today.

    I have never met that bug. been bitten by the c25K insect.
    Ive tried.

    please to keep me posted.