Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing everything right and nothing is right? Discipline wins the day.

What does a fella do when everything is being done right and the results are less than stellar? How does one stay focused in the face of back tracking progress? When every duck is in that row standing at attention and yet things just aren't going in the direction that they should, what does the fat man do? He stays determined, and knows that the discipline that is being expressed will be what wins in the end, That is what is needed and is what will be given. With all of that said let me splain what I mean, Friday I weighed in at a higher amount than the previous week but things were not optimal as far as intake goes, I was toying with upping the calorie range and I was sick with a chest cold. Friday I was feeling well enough to start walking and I have walked 3 of the last 4 days anywhere from 1.6 miles to the longest walk which was 2.5 miles and found the walks to be helpful in how I felt, my calories have been with the exception of Valentines day on par and under 1700 per day, Valentines day I indulged in 2 small cup cakes that the kiddos made, I have been drinking my gallon per day green tea and then another half to three quarters of a gallon of water on top of that. Something is amiss with the ships leaving port in regular intervals and I cannot figure out why, here are my reasons for being confused with this. I drink at the least 1 & 1/4 gallons of green tea/water per day leaning more towards 1 & 3/4 gallons of fluid, in the last week I have eaten a lot of veggies and fruit, an average of 2 apples, an orange, a cup of veggies at dinner (green beans, corn or peas) and I have been eating raw cauliflower by the head, multigrain breads and cereals every day along with taking benifiber twice per day so I know that hydration and or fiber is not an issue, yet hitting the little boys room is not happening on a regular basis, if anyone has any suggestions I am ALL ears at this point.

With walking in mind I have tracked a 2.9 mile route with Gmaps which will be the track that I start walking soon, it may be a challenging route because of the hills on half of the walk, and I mean some very steep hilly parts but the way I see it is that the hills will make it more of a workout and thats not a bad thing when you have about 80-90 pounds to lose. I have come up with a workout schedule for myself which will be, walking and riding the bike on alternating days building up to walking every day while riding every other day in preperation for me starting the C25K program. Because of my weight I want to ease into the C25K thing instead of hitting it hard and fast and risking hurting myself.

Over all things are right where they should be besides the fact that I seem to be stopped up and not losing weight currently which I guess means that everything is not where it should be! My wife seems to think that its because I am/was sick this past week and then everything will be back to normal soon enough which will I will have to wait to see I figure. I still have not replaced my laptop so image-less my posts shall remain for a short time more until I can get a new one, for now I am using a borrowed computer with bare bones programs on it. Until tommorow thats the word on the street, get on up and grab that glass of H2O, Your body will thank you for it, and of course thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. I have to agree with your wife, it probably is because you've been sick. And all of a sudden things will be how they need to be :)And i'm with you on the H20!!

  2. Chances are that everything is kind of out of whack because of being sick. Give it a little time and everything will fix itself.


  3. If time doesn't fix it give fiber one original cereal (I call it twigs) a try lol. I swear I was feeling the same way and after a few servings of that stuff I'm spending more time in the bathroom lol. Don't be cussing me afterwards either because I warned you lol.

  4. I can't put my finger on it either, but I have the same thing happening to me from time to time. Two weeks ago I lost 4.5 pounds, then last week I did almost exactly the same thing and lost nothing. Nothing!

    However I know that I've had these spurts of little/no progress in the past, only to be surprised at the big jumps in progress that comes from hanging in there two or three weeks later.

    So stay vigilant and keep on keeping on and know that things will pick up again soon. Patience is difficult, but given a long enough timeline, you'll win the war brother.

  5. i have the same thing sometimes re not visiting the little girls / boys room. i don't really have an answer for it it just happens when it happens. when i was sick (appendicitius) i didn't go for a week and the dr told me that normal was anywhere between daily to every 4 - 5 days so perhaps there's nothing wrong. your body will be out of whack if you've been sick. concentrate on getting well and things will pick back up for sure.