Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Huh? who me? yeah you fat man!

We're back in business, Saturday I picked up a new laptop so I am nice and comfy having my own computer back with my own progs on them. Lets talk about the challenge that I posted up for a minute, Saturday I woke up and decided that I would ride the bike first thing and it looks like I owed for 22 comments worth of minutes so 44 minutes it was, add that to my normal 20 and its 64 minutes. I decided to break it into 2 sections to save my arse some pain so it was a 30 minute ride then some stretches for about 15 minutes and then back for the remaining minutes, 35 minutes later (I did an extra minute for kicks) I was done and we headed out for the day to get some shopping done, Thank you all that left me a comment!

Let us talk about some weight loss/health stuff, when last we saw Mister Meatball the ships were in port and not moving but every 3 days and that was not wearing well on me and I was praying that the blockage would end sooner than later and on Saturday I got my wish. My daughter had a stomach bug (its just slowing down now) last week and I got it, what that translates into is that someone blew the dam and there is now an express route through my body for everything that goes in, so if it ain't one thing. That pass through the straights is still open and now I find myself praying for a blockage! go figure.

A random shot of last nights dinner, Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, hows that look?

Intake wise this past weekend was not good at all, let me splain. Friday was the beginning of this stomach deal that I have going on atm so I just ate what I could because I figured something was better than nothing and I ended up not counting calories at all, I ate what I normally eat on any given day I just did not log anything so there is a chance that I went over. Saturday we were out all day so I did not log anything again but I am fairly sure that I did not go over on calories either, it was a Subway for dinner kind of day and 1 gallon of green tea was consumed while we ran around. Sunday, ahhh Sunday, a week or two ago I was suppose to meet up with some old friends from high school and it didn't happen because of me being sick so we went out to dinner Sunday and it was cool getting together but the food was terrible for that day, only in calories because the steak I had at dinner was absolutely sinful. Breakfast on Saturday started out pretty normal with me having a bowl of Honey combs cereal (2 cups) with 1 cup of 1% milk, gold star for me. Then lunch was a foot long subway which is still not so bad besides the fact that I did not get my normal turkey with no cheese and a pound of veggies, instead I got a Subway melt which is Turkey, Ham and bacon with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo, YES real mayo! so that was naughty, but wait until you hear about dinner!

Onto dinner (yes it gets its own paragraph!) ahhh dinner, For dinner we went to a steak house and let me tell you about the appetizers first, actually lets start at the bread! on the table was warm cinnamon flavored rolls with honey/garlic butter on the side so of course I had to have one and man was it good. For an appetizer we ordered a sample platter and an order of jalapeno poppers to share between the four of us and I had my share of the poppers dipped in a horse radish sauce as well as a potato skin from the sampler, so off to a good start eh? for my drink I ordered a cherry coke (which I had 2 of before the night was done) and the main course was a 16 oz NY strip cooked perfectly rare, a baked potato with sour cream and butter on the side and a cup of chili which was all perfectly prepared. Dessert time came around and everyone was sort of looking at one another like "I don't know, do you want some? maybe I'll have, um maybe...." so I ended it by stating "I will have a piece of that cheese cake and bring out 2 spoons" which prompted my friend from high school to do the same. So as you can see there was really no holding back for that meal whatsoever, I did not finish my meal I want to mention, I brought home 2/3 of the potato and maybe 4-5 oz of the steak which I ate yesterday.

Monday I did not record my calories but I do believe I was pretty close to my 1700 limit if not over by 100-200 and that will conclude the no recording of the food. I can blame the fact that I was without my computer which holds my excel sheet that I made but I won't do that, there is this stuff called paper and these things called pens that I could have used so I take the blame for my slacking off on the intake tracking. I have my new laptop set up now and have Office installed so I have my excel sheet back and the tracking begins again today.

I want to give a mention to the video poll on the sidebar again as it appears that a video will need to be uploaded soon judging by the response, I thank all who have voted so far and if you haven't please do so! Thank you for following along with my weight loss journey and you know the drill, grab that H2O and get to drinking!

As Ever


  1. Thanks. You made me think up a contingency plan for the next time my laptop throws a tantrum or takes another latte bath - yeah, twice I used my "oops warranty" because of coffee spills.

    (Being without a PC would really push me off plan too.)

    We've got a bunch of other PCs here, so (thanks to you) I'm going to make sure one of them is equipped to act as a back-up from now on.

    Here's to a better week. (I just held up my water in tribute.)

  2. You know we all have days like these so don't beat yourself up and just get back on track which it looks like you already have. Way to go on that 65 mins on the bike. I'm all for a Friday video that would be cool.

  3. You don't have to win every battle to win the war. You are winning the war and now you had your battle of the bulge (No pun intended I'm a history major) In every set back is a gain.

    Keep it up you have inspired me to start on my path as well. Thank you.

  4. seriously way to go with that loooonga** bike ride. all in all a pretty good day!

    and yes.
    bring. on. the. videos.