Monday, February 2, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning..

This weekend was a busy one as you might be able to tell from my lack of posts, we decided that it was time to paint my daughters bedroom and what we ended up with is as my wife says "a catalog look" I took some before pictures but I haven't taken any afters yet because we ordered a border to put on the walls and when it gets here look for some pics. Ok ok enough about the three year olds room how did your food go this weekend you ask? welp lets say I was not really "on track" it all started Friday, I was at my mother in laws place and she offered me a beer and I agreed and went over calories exactly one beer so Friday was not really too bad. Then there was Saturday which started off well enough with a bowl of Honey combs cereal (which by the way if you don't know is a low calorie very tasty cereal!) but then I was given a bowl of home made beef stew and didn't know how many calories was in it so I figured it high but then the day kind of just went the way of not counting the calories. I don't think I went too far above on Saturday but I was definitely higher than 1700 which ended with a big bowl of popcorn that went perfectly with the movie we watched. Sunday was a different story completely, again breakfast started off ok but as the day progressed I noticed that I wasn't counting the calories that I was eating past mentally noting what had gone down the chute. Dinner was a noodle soup that I made which also started off well enough, I measured my 2 cup portion but was not satisfied with it and had another cup and remember I haven't written down any calories for the day yet! I KNOW that I was way above Sunday where my intake is concerned. We are back on track this morning and I am writing the intake down again, sometimes I have a weekend or a day like that where I just pretty much eat ok (usually a bit higher) but don't count the calories exactly.

I mentioned that we painted my daughters room and I have to mention that I am sore from it! I do not think that the soreness is from when we painted the walls, I used a roller for that but I did paint sort of a mural on her door which took about 45 minutes to paint and another 15 to sketch onto the panels and this is something that I underestimated the power of. My calf is sore from tippy toeing to get the right angle, my core knows that it has done something from all of the holding steady in a position to get straight lines onto the door panels and I am just feeling it in general in spots that normally go under the radar which makes me think. I have a funny feeling that some yoga may be in my future because its what I can equate to how my body feels, like if I were to do yoga, of course I have never really "done" yoga so I am just assuming this is how it would feel.

Over all not a great weekend food wise but not the worse in the world either, but then again this is a lifestyle change and not a diet so in that I am not limited in what or how I can eat. I am still on track to hit that goal of being 300 pounds by the end of June and with the start of February I am a month closer to warmer weather and some hiking, Wify is going to join me this year in my hikes and we bought some "gear" over the winter months so that we can enjoy our hikes a bit more. Living out in the boonies will afford us the pleasure of plenty places to hike (I think) and there is a large wooded area right behind our home now that can be used for the purpose of short hikes with the kiddos, you know conditioning them for longer ones! and with that ends the Monday edition of this old couch, thank you for reading and don't forget that H2O that you just earned for making it through another post!

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  1. Yo! Do you realize that you've lost 720 sticks of butter! That is AMAZING!!!

    I love reading your messages and always grab my water at the end. Thank you for sharing your weight loss in blogland! I appreciate you!


  2. hey man, just wanted to say congrats and best of luck, it looks like you're kicking some ass. I think your blog is hilarious and pretty unique to what we're all trying to do. 'this old couch', good stuff.

  3. I'm trying to imagine you, standing more than 6 foot, 5 inches - - on your tippy toes! Haha! I just thought, "My goodness...they must have really tall ceilings if he had to stand on his tippy toes!"

    You're back on track. Glad to hear you had a good weekend.

    What movie did you watch that the popcorn went perfectly with?