Friday, August 29, 2008

Talking like a fat person...

Todays post is a little later than usual for a weigh in day post, My Mother flew in from California for a visit so I have been tied up but I did want to get on and post up the progress for the week, I hopped on the scale this morning and it said 389.4lbs and I am happy with the number, thats a 4 pound drop for the week and the exercise has paid off. speaking of exercise I have not ridden the bike since Tuesday, but I have gone on a few walks including one this morning (about 1/2 mile just to let my daughter get a ride in on her new bike) but I plan on riding the bike today so I will update the new deficit tracking section on the page after I do that. my intake has been very good this week and I am averaging 1630 calories per day so I am happy about that.

This Suzuki GSX400 weighs in at 389 pounds.

This SD Mini PPCg weighs in at 145 pounds which is what I have lost so far.

This week has been a good one where weight loss is concerned, I got my juju back, I am back on the bike and things are headed in a good direction and I firmly believe that keeping a positive attitude about losing the weight and submitting to the fact that it HAS to be a lifestyle change and NOT a diet is key in my success to date. I have in the past had people tell me that I am doing this whole weight loss thing wrong, mostly in the area of my intake calorie amounts, I was told that I am not eating enough and that I will not lose weight eating 1500 calories per day despite a doctor telling me this is what I should do, that was 100 pounds ago. here I am 145 pound less than I was 8 months ago and still there are naysayers and disbelievers around, all I can do is smile at the fact that I have lost 145 pounds and counting. If I were failing at this weight loss thing I could see where someone could want to pop in with an opinion and maybe steer a fella in the right direction but how do you tell someone that has lost 145 pounds on his own without any surgery or pills or anything at all besides raw willpower and discipline that they are doing it wrong? weight loss is a matter of K.I.S.S (keep is simple stupid) eat less, move more, stay hydrated and in control and waddya know? 145 pounds gone, yes it is that simple.

I think when people get over weight that they start making excuses for why they cannot lose weight, or start the blame game to try and justify why they are heavy and unmotivated, it makes me think of something my wife has said recently in normal every day chat when the subject has come up she says "thats talking like a fat person" (she has a friend that is happy about her weight loss and yet somehow annoyed that she is doing so well) and what she meant when she said talking like a fat person is that when you are fat (yeah I will use the word fat we ain't all PC around here) you tend to make excuses for why you should be able to eat the way you do and still lose weight, yet these are the same people that are ALWAYS on a "diet" of some sort and never seem to hit their goals. "all I need to do is drink more water" welp then why don't ya? "I can drink as much diet mountain dew as I want, it is after all diet right?" ummm nope, "but I just had a tiny bite, so I won't count it" good luck with that!, "I just need to stick to it for 2 whole weeks and I will lose it" really? that easy? have at it then! and I speak from experience with some of that! but no more is that me or the way that I think and that is why this is working for me, here I am losing weight regularly and I feel great, who wouldda thunk? Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, I AM going to find out if thats a true statement, even though I already know the answer.

Stop talking like a fat person!

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  1. you know so much of what you say is gospel. amen. I was a sheep. I really didnt know I was, but I was. I am FINALLY now realizing "its a way of life". It's not just the words coming out of my mouth, but it's actually the actions of my life. Funny as that sounds, I KNOW YOU, TONY ZEUS MAN, know exactly what I'm talking about. Yu had been my biggest cheerleader, and I couldnt see thru to the end. I wasnt there in my head all the way. I really thought I was, but you know what- Not. Today, I live it. Every minute of every day. I dont think it, I live it. Email me sometime. I'd love to chat. It's time to write "the letter"........

  2. Yes, I just would like for you to come out and say it to all of the speculators out there that warned you that you were doing it the wrong way - - I want you to stick out your tongue and say "I told ya so!" 145 pounds gone, and I say YOU are the expert here. How can we go for so long not losing a pound, and slowly gaining weight - - to all of a sudden turn it around and lose weight consistently? Well, that's simple: Ask Tony how to do it. He knows the answer to that question like nobody else. Where do you get all of that willpower, though?? It's very hard for some of us out there to come by. I think there just comes a point in everyone's life when they're officially ready for a change. Our time just happened to come at the same time. For all of the readers out there who think their time has come, too - know that it IS possible, and Tony's blog proves it. :)

  3. I LOVED Wify's talking like a fat person comment!!!!

    That is one of the truest statement ever. I am so guilty of making excuses and talking like a fat person - or rather acting like a fat person.

    It is so cool to see personal changes but when you also see the changes in the rest of the family it is AWESOME :) I had at one point been the person to ask for something -- like the remote control or the phone. I would ask for something and someone else would get it for me. My kids acted the same way. NOW my kids and I have stopped asking for things -- and do it ourselves -- whatever it is.

    Simple changes in ones daily activities can add so many extra calories burned.

    I am so happy for you and your family Tony! This "life style" changing has been such great blessing for you and for all of your readers!!

    Robyn was on to something -- now if you could only bottle and sell your willpower!! It is so true that most people just can't tap into their willpower reserve as easy as you. BUT once we do there is no stopping us!!