Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

Tuesday has come along with a new month and I have been a very bad boy where intake is concerned. On Friday since my mom is in town we treated her out to dinner at Chili's where when I walked in I had all intentions of eating well and by well I don't mean lots of good food but more in the sense that I would watch myself closely but alas that is not what happened, I did order the guiltless salmon dish which has calories listed as just under 500 and I ordered my obligatory unsweetened tea, not bad right? but then we ordered an appetizer of southwestern egg rolls and I had a Blue moon before dinner got to the table. wify ordered the chicken fajitas dinner and I ended up having one of those before the night was finished too, there was also a birthday cake in there at one point as well, so yeah lets just say I went over on Friday, Saturday went well enough and I kept the calories low because of the previous days number and only had 1318 total calories and then Sunday I took my mom to visit her sister where I was tempted with a chocolate silk cake with cherry filling and home made whipped cream and I did not resist and had a pretty good sized piece of that heavenly goodness almost immediately after arriving at her house, we ended up eating at a Friendlys restaurant for dinner that night, and besides the cake I was within calorie range, I had a total of 1550 calories before the cake but I am sure it brought me over. Mondays intake was pretty good besides the fact that I drank almost no fluid (which means about 3 quarts total all day) I did come in at a total caloric intake of 1660 for the day so I am happy with that and over the entire four days 2 of 4 days I did bad which I really am not too worried about because giving up going out to dinner with family and friends every now and again is not something I am interested in doing for the rest of my time on earth and well yeah, its just a part of life, because I eat healthy does not mean that I cannot enjoy dinner out or a piece of cake now and again, Here is Mondays menu.


9:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

2:00 PM
4 slices light Italian bread 160
2oz low fat Mozz cheese 160
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
light parm cheese 10
pizza sauce 30
jalapeno 5

7:15 PM
9.5 oz Atlantic salmon fillet 420
lots of brussel sprouts 225
3/4 cup pilaf rice 220

8:45 PM
12oz Dannon light and fit yogurt 160

Exercise, whats that? I have not ridden my bike since my Mom got here but we have done a good deal of walking around (malls etc and random walks with my daughter) but nothing in the way of real cardio, I do plan on riding today and getting the cardio back on track to finish up the week. otherwise its business as usual around here and the weight is hopefully coming off this week, I was down a pound from Fridays weight on Sunday but have not weighed myself since then and forgot this morning until after I ate breakfast. nothing spectacular to report today I am afraid but it is what it is and there you have it. Thanks for reading along and remember that its just life, enjoy it while you can.

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  1. Let's put August behind us. Of course, I remember promising myself that last Monday would be the "new day" or whatever....

    But, today, it's for real. I was telling my husband last night, "I will not hesitate to enjoy myself on special occasions like holidays, birthdays, etc - - but I've decided that weekends are no longer special occasions!" So, I've been coming up with some sort of "special occasion" to cheat in the honor of for the past week or two! (ie: the day before my husband's birthday, the day of his birthday, a luncheon at work to celebrate someone else's birthday, my nephew's 17th birthday, the "weekend" eat-out for my husband's birthday, and Labor day) Haha! So.....yeah. I've decided not to let myself get away with that anymore. Special occasions will only be special occasions when they really are something "special" to me. Labor day means nothing to me, so it really shouldn't be a special occasion.

    Anyway, I had no intention of leaving such a long novel comment! I got carried away! Anyway, here's to no more special occasions this week!!! :D