Monday, September 29, 2008

Day something with a side of some of that.

Everything is everything and still going in the direction that it has to. I have lost a whole lot of weight in the past 9 months and gained more than that in other aspects of daily living. Lately I have not been exercising much but am keeping the intake to good levels and slowly but surely the weight is still coming off, I do anticipate that the exercise will start coming into play again with the cooler weather starting to peek into the days but lately I have been slacking.

I find myself comfortable with how things are going, so comfortable that I have been taking more and more days where I don't count the food for a given day and this has got to stop because it can only be hurting me. I am still a significant amount heavier than I want to be or have to be and by becoming laid back this can only be negative at this stage of the game. Even though I am still losing weight every week I do believe that I need to stay as strict as I have been from day one until I hit my main goal of 275 pounds or else I could put that proverbial monkey wrench in the works. Now thats not to say that I am not doing what I have to do, all it means is that I have been making the choice to have that piece of carrot cake after dinner rather than turning it down, or having the extra 1/2 serving of rice with my chicken or some popcorn with a movie instead of having nothing or maybe some carrot sticks (I saw righteous kill this weekend), could that mean that I am slipping? I guess I could see where someone could say that but I don't think its slipping at all, its more like getting comfortable with what I am doing and knowing roughly by sight not scale how much food I am consuming at a given time without over doing it, which is exactly what I am trying to accomplish anyways isn't it? with all of that said I do think that I have to stay strict because of the amount of weight that I still have to take off and thats what the plan is going to be until I am where I want to be.

A milestone is quickly approaching, I am just about to that point where I will have less than 100 pounds left to lose! This fact is completely insane to me because when I started I wanted to lose 259 total pounds and I had set a goal of losing 100 of those pounds in the first year and I am only 9 months in and have surpassed the goal of 100 pounds by almost 60 pounds now, and all on my own! when I say on my own I mean with no supplements, surgeries or Miracle plans, of course the support that I get from my lovely Wife and all of the people that read and respond to this very blog is key in the success so far so thanks for that.

A pretty random post fell off of my fingers this morning but it is what it is and thats all I can offer, kind of like Popeye, I yam what I yam and thats all that I am. Thanks for reading and look for a new post tomorrow.

As Ever

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  1. Glad to see some posts back up! I played catch up just now. :) It sounds like you and I are behaving similarly lately (with the slight slacking in the strictness category that is). It must just be the "time of the year." The fact that cool weather is approaching - - our bodies are just not "in the mood" to lose weight I guess. Too bad our brains still are, huh?? (too bad for our bodies, at least! HAHA!). I don't expect to lose at any kind of rate that could be considered fast. I just hope to NOT gain, and if I lose, that will be great! :) I seriously feel like "not gaining" will be a tough job in itself! Anyway, I know you can continue your weight loss, and I know that if you set your mind to it, you could start seeing those big losses each week again - - and that "lost 200 pounds" milestone can be achieved by January 1, 2009! If it can be done at all, you are the man to make it happen. :) It's already unbelievable how far you've come, though, so even if you didn't lose another single pound this year, you've already done AMAZING for a year's time! :D

    Glad to see you're posting again. I'm going to just leave this comment - instead of leaving one on each new post. But, I'm glad to see that your inner American came on out and enjoyed some cloned cow meat! Good stuff!! :)