Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bob the Anteater...means nothing but hey its a title!

Bringing things back into more of a strict structure again is happening as I type this, not that I wasn't being strict but I was going easy on myself where recording intake was concerned and I want to grab hold of the disciplined way that I was doing things just last month. a I said the weight is still coming off just at a slower pace than it has been and I have been less aggressive with my regimen lately partially because of things unrelated to my weight loss that have kept me focused in that direction, I have to keep this going because I have come too far into this game to slack now and I use the term slack loosely because I am staying under my intake range, I am getting in some exercise and I am making good eating choices, its more like I am relaxing and I decided this morning that I can't let that happen at this stage.

I have been counting my calories and logging them into my excel sheet but have not been writing the times I have been eating and sometimes its just the calorie amount and no what it was listed, today I started logging the times in again and am keeping track of every detail again. I am doing this because as I stated in earlier posts I still have just over 100 pounds more that I would like to lose and being anything but 100% dedicated will slow the process down and I want to hit that 200 pounds lost in 1 year goal that I set for myself. In all honesty I think its a bit more ambitious than I want to believe but I am sticking with that number and time frame until Jan 1st 2009.

Its that time of year again to make a trip or two to the apple orchards and that usually means that I would make some apple pies from scratch but I will have to hold off this year as they are very naughty where calories are concerned and weigh about 8 pounds each! so no pies this year, maybe I will experiment with some low calorie treats with some of the apples we get and I can post up what I made. Ok now I feel like I am rambling so I will end the post for now, I will have my menu to post from today on tomorrows post but for now its just numbers on my excel sheet so posting them would not show anything. My intake for Monday was 1580 total calories and it was spread throughout the day pretty good, its just not recorded so I won't try and make sense of it and figure out the times. As always I thank you for following along with my trip to the half, check back tomorrow for a new post as things have calmed down here and I have the time to post daily again.

As Ever

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  1. Nice to see things will be back to normal for you. Well, I guess that would be the 'new normal', with recording all the daily food details. I have been going a bit too easy on myself lately as well. My weight has stayed the same, I just haven't been trying I guess is how I would word it. I guess for the moment I'm content to maintain the fairly large loss I've already managed and maybe after the stress of this fall is over (work related) I will be able to refocus on another segment of losing weight.

    Keep on keepin' on :-)