Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 254 or 6096 hours or 365760 minutes or...

Wow, it has been 254 days since I decided to drop some weight, it has been 254 days since I changed the way that I eat and exercise, it has been 254 days since I decided to live my life on my terms. I have lost almost 150 pounds in those days and have met some pretty cool people along the way via this blog and a couple forums that I read regularly, lots of things are different now and its becoming quite obvious to me that I must have missed out on a lot of things because of my weight. I am guilty of letting weight control me for a portion of my life and I am guilty of turning a blind eye to the things that were being taken from me with every pound that I gained, I am also guilty of making a decision to lose the weight, guilty as charged for staying on track and making good choices and staying disciplined with the regimen I set for myself. I want to mention that I received an email yesterday from someone saying that they have read my blog for some time now and cannot do the things that I have done and it went on to mention how some days they read a few blogs and things to stay on track and that mine was one on their list to visit. I did answer the email with a return message of my own but thought that I would mention it here with the same kind of message, We are responsible for what goes into each of our own bodies, no one makes us eat the cake or extra serving of mashed potatoes, the decision to stop at "McNasty" or "Burger Clone" is ours to make there is no one making us eat that way there is no one making us stop and order a "value meal" or those extra tacos on the side at "Jack in the Crack" when a person can realize that this is not how our body works, it is not the fuel needed to be productive in every day life is when the mindset creeps in and good things start to happen. nothing good can come of deep fried processed food, unless clogged arteries and thick waist lines is what you consider good. It all comes back to the "A" word, addiction, our bodies do not need the greasy foods and on top of that we "supersize" everything! it certainly does not need mass quantities of the same, it is easy to become addicted to things that are good but once a person can get past the "I MUST HAVE!" part, the rest is easy and this is coming from the fella that was committing the crimes of Fat people for many years because it was easier to eat bad than get past the addiction part of it. food is fuel in the most rudimentary terms and no one would wonder why their car was running rough if the wrong fuel was used and yet people wonder why they are fat when they eat like this and move less than old folk do, which is my next point.

Exercise, ie: movement, we MUST move daily to keep things working, we must get that heart rate up, we must because its what we were built for, the "A" word comes up again here, a way to look at is this, Trade the addiction the enslavement of food for the addiction of exercise, indeed addiction to exercise is a fact, ya ever hear of a runners high? its true. I have been addicted to movement at one point in my life and that movement was weight lifting, I needed to do it, I craved it, I wanted not to miss one workout or I felt that I was missing out on my guilty pleasure, imagine that? trading being addicted to big macs to being addicted to the pump that comes from lifting a heavy object over and over until your muscles ache burning with pain and sweat runs into your eyes but you must get that last rep in, knowing that the morning will bring more pain with the soreness that "good soreness" that people talk about and actually craving this feeling, imagine that. but the decision to do it has to come from you, it has to be something that you want so much that you can taste it or else its just the next thing that is being tried, without determination its just another diet, without the right mindset, again its just a diet. Make the decision to do it and follow through, make the commitment to do this for yourself and stay with it until you get what you want. without those things I am afraid that we will be doomed to be overweight indefinitely.

We have come a long way, burned about 518000 calories and my movement is up 200% from where it was just last Dec, if I average my calories per day at 1500 I have consumed approximately 381000 calories in the last 254 days and most is better food than I was eating previously, all in all I would say my body has had a pretty busy year so far and the plan is to keep on keepin on. a bit of a rambly post for today and a tad random and the point is where? but hey, its my blog right? it is what it is and I thank you for reading along.

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  1. Well all I have to say is


    oh and this:
    when I was a kid (speaking of McNasty) I thought it was soooo weird that my mom and dad would go with us to eat there maybe once every two or three months and do you know what they would order???? (of course ya don't silly) They would order a cheeseburger, small fry and a small coke -- THAT was it! I thought they were crazy because they didn't even eat the ketchup I HAD to have on my fries... different times I tell ya! That was prior to anyone ever hearing about a "super size" know, way back when we were still served food in Styrofoam containers!! Amazing right, I have been fed all the media BS that made me believe that as an adult I should go to Mc Nasty and order BIGMACs!and because I am bigger than my children I should prove it by also ordering GIANT A** fries and sodas -- what a load of crap we have been fed! (no pun intended!)

  2. Tony, Congrats! How awesome- The power of doing vs not doing. You set out to do this, and there was nothing to stop you. You have made it to a very important point- This is your life now- you are living- there is no other way. I am just learning that myself now. I have started posting again- just on Friday weigh in days for now. Stop by tomorrow and say HI!
    I'll be by too for your official weigh in. Have a great day!

  3. When I began, I made a committment to lose weight, and improve my health by reaching a "healthy weight" and becoming fit. Now that I've reached that healthy weight I set out to lose, I now need to focus on getting fit. I've been waiting and waiting for that addiction to exercise to come into play somehow or another. I do believe in the "high" that comes from exercise! I've felt that "high!" BUT....I've not gotten addicted to it...YET. That's the next phase, though - - in this journey to good health. I definitely feel that I can move a LOT more and with a LOT more ease than I could have 9 months ago (or even 5 months ago!) so I know I am slowly (but surely) getting there! I'm happy with the progress that has been made so far, and I know things can only get better! You, my friend, have made a complete "360" on yourself, and just imagine how much better it's just going to keep getting! I'm not sure exactly what the addiction to food has been replaced by at this point, except that I KNOW that losing weight is slightly addictive! There's really nothing more satisfying than seeing a new lower number on the scale every few days! You know what I'm talkin' about. :) Keep at it! Everything is just going to KEEP getting better and better - - in every aspect of your life! :D