Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching up and the weekend stuff and all that.

Over the weekend I didn't eat especially well, I did manage to stay under my calorie range both Saturday and Sunday but on Saturday I ate one meal in the morning and a huge dinner with nothing more than a few Guinness Draught's in between and after dinner, and then on Sunday we went to a Friendly's restaurant with my Mother in law and I did almost the same thing as on Saturday by having one meal in the am and then a large, more like a calorie filled dinner by having the chicken basket which subsequently I believe was tainted or bad in some way as I woke up Sunday night round 12:30 am with terrible stomach pains with no other reason for them besides maybe the food I had eaten earlier, wify also had some problems with the plumbing the next day so I do believe it was the food.

By the time Monday came around I had got my game together and had a good day intake wise if not a little bit lower than it should have been. I ended up consuming 1425 calories for the day which is slightly lower than my actual calories because I did eat a chicken wing off of the grill while the rest of the chicken grilled up, so whatever calories a chicken wing has should be added to my intake but I was low so no worries. I have a feeling that I will be grilling lots of my food outside for a while because we just got a new gas grill and I told my wife yesterday that food off of the grill makes me feel like I am cheating because its so good! I quartered up a whole chicken for dinner Monday and diced up my fingers pretty good while I was at it, the chicken came out very yummy and I have a thigh left over that I will likely have for lunch today, maybe I will make it into Chicken salad and make a sandwich.

Last night I started writing a post when wify asked if I would be interested in taking a walk around the neighborhood and the walk won out is partially the reason for no post yesterday, we walked just under a mile with the kiddos so it was a short walk but a walk none the less, I am going to start walking again as its starting to get cool outside again and the bike can get boring after a while so breaking it up will be nice. also there is a 5k race locally that I would like to at least walk in, I don't think there is a chance that I would run it, mostly because I don't think it wise for a 382 pound guy to be putting that responsibility on his knees, but walking it would be possible and I think it could be fun. The race is still a bit off so I have some time to decide if I want to do it or wait a little longer and I am posting it here so that I will have more "pressure" to go through with it because I just made it public that I am interested in doing it.

Here is a look at the menu from Monday.


9:30 AM
1 Granola bar 100

11:00 AM
1 zone bar 200

12:30 PM
1/2 small vanilla cone (ice cream only) 80

3:00 PM
progresso soup 160
1 english muffin 90
1/2 T smart balance 25

6:45 PM
6.5 oz grilled chicken breast 325
3/4 white rice 150
1 cup green beans 35
1/2 T smart balance 25

8:15 PM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T jam

Grand total of 1425 calories for the day, sort of, remember that wing. The biggest loser premiers tonight at eight PM so I have an alarm set on my cell phone to remind me, is that bad? I think so but at the same time I enjoy watching the show so whatever. All in all it has been an ok week/end if you take out the Friendly's, the Guinness, the Huge meals late in the day and a single small one in the am and the fact that I really didn't exercise. I will admit that i am up slightly from Fridays weigh in but I have not been drinking how I should and I had that late night stomach problem that threw me off so i am not worried about it and its less than a pound anyways, no worries.

Thank you for following along and I want to again thank everyone that left me comments and sent me emails to support and congratulate me on the 150 pound lost milestone, the email response that I got was crazy! I sincerely thank all who took the time to do that.

As Ever


  1. You didn't do too bad!

    You should do the 5k it would be a lot of fun, I want to eventually run half of one, and walk the rest :)

  2. I like that...that you have more "pressure" now to do it, since you made your interest in it public! Now, we'll all be asking you "are you gonna do it, are you gonna do it?" Haha! You SHOULD do it! It will be fun for you to walk it this time....then next year do the same thing, but maybe run the whole thing, huh?! You'll be like, "wow...look how much faster I am now than I was last year..."

    My weight has gone up, too. More than one pound, though...but we won't talk about that. :(

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend...and I'm excited about the cooler weather now as well! Grilled food does feel like naughty food, and there's nothing better than naughtiness. LOL!