Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monomyth, the journey is not quite over yet.

The day before weigh in looming over me and I feel that I will not have a drop this week, does it matter if I don't drop any weight? in the long run no, but in the short? still no but it is nice to see the numbers drop. I have had barely any green tea today because I forgot to brew some last night and didn't get to it until late this morning and now it is cooling off so I feel a bit off today and I know that its mental because I have only had 20oz give or take all day and by now I usually have at least half a gallon. I have been either taking a walk or riding the bike every day this week so far and feeling good about that but I have had a heavy day food wise and I am grilling chicken out on the grill again so dinner is not light either. lots is stacking against my weight being below last Fridays weight, I know that it is not below right now as I type this because I just stepped off of the scale but typically the week after I have a big drop I have a not so good week where the raw pounds dropped goes. My calories for yesterday were low coming in at 1485 total for the day and I had to drink 12 oz of 1% milk right before bed to even get that number! it was just a light day.

I was compared to the Monomyth or "The Heroes Journey" by someone that reads my blog where my weight loss is concerned, I think it is pretty cool and thought I would mention it here. I would never put myself in that light because I decided to take my life back and drop the weight that has been holding me back and I actually smiled when I read what she had written and hung my name on, so Thanks Veejay. When I started this blog it was for accountability and it seems to have become more than that and others are able to get nuggets of information or inspiration from what I have written or people relate to what I have gone through or am going through where weight loss is concerned and its a side effect that I never expected, I never once thought that me writing my thoughts and experiences down would or could help other people, and I have said that before. I wanted to say Thanks to everyone that has ever taken the time to write a response comment on my blogs because that is something that I appreciate, I also wanted to say thanks to everyone that has emailed me with words of support and with questions, it helps me stay focused with the task at hand which is to drop this weight and get healthy for myself and my family.

Thats it for today, I will be posting the weigh in results sometime tomorrow morning so look out for that, hopefully there will be a drop in the number, but if not? it is what it is.

As Ever