Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clone sighting

Better late than never and the post begins, Tuesday went right as scheduled and I stayed within calorie range but no exercise at all. I did something that I have not done in months, I can't remember exactly when I decided to not eat beef because of the FDA deeming it not important that the consumer know whether the meat was cloned or not but the fact remains that a good steak is still the best meal a fella can have in my humble opinion. We decided to grab a couple of steaks and toss em on the old grill for dinner last night, I ended up getting two steaks that were just about two and a half pounds total and asked Wify "do you think its enough?" the look I got from her was response enough so off we went and 15 minutes later the grill was fired up and tasty goodness was in the air. dinner consisted of said steak, cut green beans and seasoned rice with my standard giant glass of home brewed green tea, I took 10oz of steak for myself and that turned out to be much more than I could handle which is funny seeing as the lat time I had a steak I probably had at least 12oz, I actually ate 6oz and put 4 back onto the plate. Because of the steak I kept my calories a bit low for the day, they ended up at 1475 total and I was worried all night that I would have stomach pain at some point, but it never happened so I am grateful about that. Moral of this story? none really but that steak sure did hit the spot cloned or not cloned. Here is a look at the menu for the day.


8:30 AM
2 cups corn flakes 200
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:15 PM
bite of cheerios cereal 30

12:00 PM
1 apple 100

2:45 PM
1 can Progresso soup 120
1 multi-grain english muffin 100
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
1 wedge laughing cow 35
tomato 10

4:15 PM
1 granola bar 100

6:45 PM
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup cut green beans 45
1/2 T smart balance 25
6oz grilled steak 360
A1 sauce 20

Grand total of 1475 calories for the day including the slab O storm trooper cow and that ain't bad. as I type this I have a bird baking in the oven and will be making some soup tomorrow or the next day with the carcass, that word makes it sound so yummy doesn't it? well it is. Getting back into the exercise groove is proving a little tougher than anticipated and at the same time I am going on walks so there is movement just not as much as I would like there to be, I would like to get back on the bike more regularly and plan to, its just getting back there slowly at the moment. and with that the post for the day has come to an end, thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. Go Tony! Go Tony! thought encouragement from the peanut gallery might help get you motivated! No?

  2. So so weird that you had meat this week! Why you ask? Because I did too! On Sunday last after the kids and I had dropped hubby off at the airport we stopped at Red Robin and had lunch and I had a burger...a real burger, not a veggie burger, not a turkey burger...a real beef burger. First time since probably January that I'd eaten 'beef'.