Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back in the game. not that I was ever really out of the game.

Another day down and another pound loss, or so I hope. this week started off good and then Sunday came and we had a large meal which ended with some cake, oh well it is what it is, no worries. Monday and Tuesday were on schedule where intake come into the equation and I did get a ride on the bike in last night during The biggest loser and I plan on a ride today as well and I am going to try and coax Wify out after dinner for a walk, hopefully she is game.

Now I am going to go back to this skin thing that when I first started losing the weight I thought one would not be a problem for me and two I knew that was a lie but alas here we are and there it is. Lately I have noticed that the skin that is being left unfilled by fat is seemingly beginning to tighten up if only a slight bit, I lost a total of 9 pounds for the month of September which is also my lowest amount lost in a month to date but the interesting thing is that in the beginning of Sept I had to poke a new hole in my old belt so that it would snug up and hold my pants up and now a mere 9 pounds later I find myself having to make another hole in the good ol belt to keep the plumbers crack from being main stage. With that said I have to believe that all of this is a matter of the skin tightening up a bit because 9 pounds is nothing when you weigh what I do. My 4x shirts are starting to look a little big on me, big in the way that they fit comfy now instead of just fitting. I have a 3xl shirt from way back when and I tried it on a few nights ago just to see how it fit and its way too tight but the fact that I don't have to struggle to get it on either so were moving in the right direction and again I believe that the skin shrinking has as much to do with the way I am looking as the weight, at least for the last month anyways so there is good news.

Here is a look at the menu from Tuesday.


7:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

9:45 AM
2 cups bran cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:30 PM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T jam 50

3:30 PM
1 pear 85

6:30 PM
8oz ground Turkey 320
2 80 cal rolls 160
6oz sweet potato fries 150
condiments 30
2 wedges laughing cow 70

Grand total of 1590 calories for the day and you can see the calories were spread throughout the day pretty good and those turkey burgers were very good thanks to cooking them outside on the grill. All in all I am still doing what I need to do but I am slipping on the weekends a bit lately and I have to stop that because I think it is a major factor in the slow down in the weight loss, that and the fact that I just don't have a regular exercise regimen lately, but the exercise thing is fixed as of last night and in fact I will be on the bike 30 seconds after I hit the publish button on this post so with that we have reached the end of another post.

As Ever