Friday, October 24, 2008

Today is Friday, and ya know what that means...

The time has come again to count that number on the scale and I am happy to report that I am actually down one pound. The scale reported the same number 3 times in a row at 371.2 lbs and that brings me to a total of 163 pounds lost since Jan 1st. Earlier in the week I was worried about having a no loss week because of some bad food choices but I fixed it and here we are one pound down for the week. Last night I decided to go for a walk alone to clear my head and think about how I could focus on getting exercise in again and I came up with exactly what I did to get the thinking in, Now that its getting cold out again its the perfect time for me to start in on walks again but its not good for my daughter so I will be taking a nightly walk now around 8pm just because wify is around to watch the kiddos while I go and it gives me 30 minutes to myself. last nights walk was 1.6 miles and took 30 minutes so thats a slightly faster than a 3mph walk for half an hour and like I said it was good to get out alone in the cold weather in the quiet.

This 1975 Suzuki GT 380 weighs in at 371 pounds.

This little scooter weighs in at 163 pounds which is what I have lost so far.

When I had lost 96 pounds I used Eva Longoria, now that I have 96 pounds LEFT to lose I didn't want to use the same photo so heres a random Thai girl that weighs 96 pounds which is what I have left to lose.

Intake for Thursday was a bit low coming in at 1377 for the day, have a look at the menu for yesterday.


8:30 AM
2 cups bran cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:00 AM
1 bite of fruit loops 50

2:30 PM
tiny hersheys bar 50

3:30 PM
4 slices light Italian bread 160
3oz chicken breast 150
2 T miracle whip 70
sliced tomato 10

random bites 100

6:45 PM
Double meat 6 inch turkey subway 340

8:45 PM
6 ritz crackers 82
1 wedge lughing cow 35

9:00 PM
2 pretzels 40

Not the best of days where food is concerned but I did manage to keep it under the limit so thats good. I did as I said get that walk in last night so movement was had and I have a buy weekend planned so I know I will get in some movement in within the next couple of days. one pound down for this week and I'll take it! one more down and 96 to go, its only a matter of time before I hit that goal number of 275 pounds. I know that its coming, I know that I will get there because I have changed the way I look at food, and I know that its not something that should be used for entertainment, comfort or just because it tastes good, eating is for nutritional purposes only now and that is the difference in why its working for me. thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. OH THAT IS SO GREAT! a loss is a loss!!! and walking is sooooo awesome!

  2. Way to go! Loved how you were able to take a look at where you went off track and then fixed it. Very motivational for me! Keep it up!

  3. OK buddy, I know I am like the worst slacker internet blogging friend ever...but...I just wanted to pop in with a quick congrats for your loss for the week and a 'hey I'm still here and didn't forget you' kind of thing :)

    I'm still doing my thing...jog/walking...2-3 miles per time...usually 3-4 times per week. I'm still very interested in training for a half marathon but haven't gotten overly serious about it.

    I like your 'alone time' idea for the evening walks. Everyone needs a bit of that and bonus with the exercise included!

    Keep on keepin' on!