Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A reality check

Here I am and its Tuesday, right off the bat I will say that I have been a naughty boy this week where intake is concerned and I am up in weight from last Fridays weigh in. I am guilty of becoming comfortable in my own skin and I have slacked off this week to the point of being up more than a pound from last week and I do not feel bad about it at all, I know that I am getting a bit too comfortable and I know that I am still making good food choices and that I am having "one of those weeks" I will start by saying that Saturday night I was at my mother in laws place and she ordered Chinese food (after asking if we were ok with that) and we agreed, I ordered a general Tso's chicken combination which had pork fried rice the chicken itself and an egg roll which I ate the entire dish! other than the Chinese food I have been pretty much on track with the food besides random picking here and there while staying below calorie range but I have done next to zero exercise in the past two weeks, I have had a decent cold with a side of sore throat but thats not an excuse for not doing what I should be and in all honesty I do think that I can get the weight back down before Friday.

Please don't read this and feel that I am down, or negative in any way, I am merely being factual and straight forward while admitting that I know where I messed up this week. I am too comfortable right now with my body so I am slacking off a bit because of it, that is all. That Chinese food on Saturday? yeah I know it wasn't needed and I did resist the beer with dinner and chose water instead, looking for the good in the slip but it is there. The exercise? or lack there of, is partially because I had that chest cold and partially because I just didn't feel like doing it because of being busy with something that I am working on (news to come of that soon) so all in all if I am up this week in weight its my fault. have a look at the menu from Monday.


7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

9:45 AM
1 apple 100

12:00 PM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
2 wedges laughing cow 70
sliced tomato 15

1:00 PM
1 banana 105

2:30 PM
1 can progresso soup 140

6:30 PM
3 Slices of Light Italian Bread 120
4 oz Chicken 180
1 oz of Fat Free Cheddar 90
2 oz Jax 280
jalepeno 10
fat free ranch dressing 40

8:00 PM
1oz hard pretzels 110

Grand total of 1660 calories for the day and zero exercise, the fact that I know where I messed up in the past week of so shows me that I have changed and the fact that I slipped shows me that I am only human. I am going to try and not be up in weight come Fridays weigh in but this week looks like it may be the first week since starting that I may actually be up weight on a weigh in day. If I am? so what is the way I will view it I have had more than 9 months of weight loss and I mean I have weighed less EVERY week since Jan this year, its about time that I messed up to the point that I don't lose right? shhhhure thats the way to justify it fat boy! No but honestly I am not worried about it too much, I recognized where I slipped and it will be fixed NOW, not tomorrow, not next week and thats the difference in success and failure in my humble opinion. Consistency is key but honesty and quick action play their parts and I am making the choice to correct the calm that has come in the middle of this argument I am having with my body for the last 9 months. The fact that I just used the word honesty and then said earlier in this post "being up more than a pound from last week" I am going to admit that I weighed 375 this morning thats not only up more than a pound, thats up 3 pounds! wow I just quoted myself from this post that I am currently writing in the very same post, yeah, its like that. With all of the above said, look for a loss this week from me, and remember kids none of this is negative and none of this is being down on myself, to understand that its just not who I am to be down on myself about this weight loss I guess you might have to know me personally to understand how true that is, I am merely being honest with myself and anyone that care to read this. heres to a good week and hopefully a loss in weight this week.

Thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. I totally agree. Messing up is only human, and because you know where you made your mistakes, they are easily corrected.

    So far, your weight loss has been fantastic............:)

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. If you never lost another pound brother you would still be a success in my book! Your will power is unbelievable and so who cares if you screw up here and there as long as you are seeing what you are doing and keeping it under control. (save it for thanksgiving)

    oh I AM LOVING HEROES!! how about you? So who do you think gave Sylar that baby? It surely couldn't be his, right??? Handed down to him or something -- unless you have other ideas :) It is a fun season so far!

  3. I always remind myself that this is for life and we will have ups and downs and like you said just getting back to it will get you where you want to be. We all have a cheat meal every now and then. I always remind myself too that usually eating off plan makes me gain weight from the added sodium so I guzzle the water and it seems to flush it out within a few days because a chinese meal sure didn't add a true 3 lbs that would be 10,500 calories. Glad you had a good week and it's so important not to beat yourself up and just go on. Way to go with all your success.

  4. I guess everything's at right place even now...3 pounds doesn't comes overnight with a single meal..you are seeing a temporary water retention which should go away pretty soon. other than that your honesty with yourself is the biggest thing outta here which would keep you on track. We all mess up..and then we all move on..and that's human isn't it ?

  5. I agree with Bubbly. That Chinese was likely loaded with MSG. It will take days to flush out all of that extra sodium, so you will retain water until then. Drink, drink, drink....and I bet you'll be fine in the morning. :)

    And, if you happen to have a GAIN (*gasp!*) tomorrow morning, I think you should get some kind of trophy for "person who has gone the most consecutive weeks NOT gaining weight" thus far this year. I'm positive that even if you gain a pound this week, you probably still are a record-holder in consistently losing weight. I know how that feels, though....just don't move your ticker backwards. That's when it really sucks! LOL!!

    You'll be fine. I'm not even worried.