Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Realize the strength..

Making my way into the territory of normal sized people one pound at a time, I think it would be hard for a person who has never been extremely over weight to understand how significant that statement can really be. I believe that the key word in that would be "normal" when you are hyper obese like I was and I consider a person hyper obese if they are above five hundred pounds, every day things become that much more difficult to do. Have you ever had to turn sideways to walk through one of those smallish bathroom doors? how about having to open the car door if the seat needs adjusting? these are some things that people deal with when they are extremely over weight. what is my point? I walked past a mirror a few nights ago and actually saw myself as a not so fat dude, which may actually be a silly thing because I am still 374 pounds, but understand I am a completely different person in a physical sense than I was just 10 months ago. Realizing that I was cheating myself out of basic life by not at least trying to do something about my weight is eye opening, I do have a back injury that for many years stopped me from exercising and that is partially to blame for my weight but when it comes down to it I chose to eat the bad food, I chose to eat all of the processed junk so I take 90% of the blame for the weight gain. My last post had some "facts and figures" in it and here are a couple more, when I started off I was in a 6XL shirt and a size 56 jeans were starting to get snug on me and I wear my jeans lower than they are suppose to be (mainly because its more comfortable like that) so if I were to wear them where they should be I am a larger size, and now I am in a 4XL shirt and that 4XL is comfy, meaning loose and jeans I can wear a size 46 now! I do wish I had taken measurements when I first started in Jan but unfortunately I did not. I do take a pic each month comparing my size and the differences in those photos is insane to say the least, maybe one day I will be brave enough to post them up here on this blog but for now I will spare your eyes. I guess what I am getting at is that things have changed for the better where just about everything is concerned now that a lot of the weight has been lost and I do wish that I would have done this sooner, anyone out there that happens by my tiny blog in the big ol sea of information out there on the net and is in the same boat that I was just 10 months ago and still am to an extent please do yourself a favor and start right now this very second! put that bag of chips down and get some carrots, go to your kitchen sink and pour every bottle or can of soda into the sink and replace it with Green tea and or plain old water and start the very minute that you read these words, the words typed out by a guy that was in that hyper obese category recently enough to remember and still feel its effects. Oh woe is me is not going to get the weight off, doing it will plain and simple, sulking and feeling bad about the weight on your body isn't helping and wishing that it was easier or talking about doing something will not bring success, and that goes for everything in life not just weight loss. Use all of the comments that were heard by you being quietly snickered by insensitive people within earshot to your advantage, because its just another excuse to not do something about it, this is something that I realize now that I am responsible for what I do, what I eat and if I lose the weight, its all on my shoulders just like you. Here is a quote for you to ponder the next time you are feeling bad for yourself.

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue, realize the strength and move on"
~Henry Rollins~

What else can I say? I am a locomotive at this point and I dare someone to try and stop the downward direction of my weight, or to slow me down. As sure as the sun rising in the morning I will be trying to lose the weight until I hit my goals which are steeper than I let on in the blog by the way. So I ask you all is that soda worth the added girth? how about those Twinkies? can you live without that extra helping of whatever at dinner? look at the clock right now, note the time and in 15 minutes look at it again, that wasn't too long now was it? thats all the time you need in a day to get cardio into it and benefit from that movement, are you? are you taking just 15 minutes to better yourself? if not why? if not you must not want it enough to make that difference in yourself, I am sorry thats just the raw truth of it.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Thanks for reading along and Thanks for the support.

As Ever


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  2. Mr. Motivational. That's what this post should be titled. :D

    We sure can make some dang good excuses to keep from doing what is best. Too much work to count, too expensive to buy healthier foods, too this, too that....

    When it boils down to it, there really is no excuse NOT to start treating your body better...right NOW. It's the only life we have, the only body we'll be given. Why not make it healthier???

    One pound at a time, you are inching your way to the best that you can be! That is something to really be proud of, and I'm really proud of you. :)

  3. sorry that was my deletion earlier..I know it is aggravating when someone makes a comment and then deletes it and everyone wonders why or what was said....I was just rambling on and on sort of unfortunately like I am doing again.

    Anyway you have provided me with huge inspiration to keep going if I can just stay focused and say NO more often than giving in to dumb choices.....and somehow get past craving certain things from time to time.....and keeping my goals centered....I will make it. Many times I can be standing in the kitchen knowing I should not shove X in my mouth and yet I do anyway...makes no sense. I have been able to say NO and walk away.....but I am not always consistent.

    holy crap I have rambled again. Sorry....but I do enjoy coming by to see your posts as I am trying to get back on the road to finishing my wt loss. I wanted to start a blog about it and that was how I originally found your believe it or not I have at least 100 more pounds I want to lose. CRAP that sounds like a lot!

  4. What a great post! It really is about realizing the strength that is within each of us. Way to go with all you've accomplished and will continue to accomplish.