Friday, October 17, 2008

97 bottles of beer on the wall... weighing in

Upon waking I realized that today is Friday which means its time to record the weight, I have had a pretty decent cold this week so my weight hasn't really been on my mind so I reluctantly step onto the black square that whispers sweet nothings to me each Friday and the display smiled at me as it softly said 386 lbs, My eyes bug out and I think "What the..." ahhh one corner of the scale was resting on pog so it read wrong, so I move the scale to a flat surface and 372.4 popped onto the screen so onto try number two, 372.0 on the nose, and the third and final reading was 372.0 so that equates to a 2 pound loss this week and a total of 162 pounds total gone from my bones forever. That leaves ninety seven pounds to go until I hit my goal of being 275 pounds and honestly I didn't do any exercise this week besides a walk or two with my daughter because of the cold. Here are some images of what I weigh, what I have lost and what I have left to lose.

This 1998 GS 5ooE weighs in at 372 pounds just like me.

Kelly from the biggest loser season 5 weighed 162 pounds by the end of the show. which is what I have lost since Jan.

Julie from season 4 of the biggest loser lost 97 pounds while on the show, which I how much I have left to go before reaching my goal of 275 pounds.

All in all this has been an interesting 10 months, having relearned how to eat properly in that time and getting movement back into my days it just may be some of the most important months in my entire life. I have in essence made a decision to prolong my life by taking control of what I eat and how I live, because if I hadn't who knows where it may have brought me. I have had support from all kinds of sources such as My wife, whom has been pinnacle in my success, my parents I have to admit seem ecstatic that I have made this choice and my father who usually shows as much emotion and or enthusiasm as a stone actually asks me how the weight loss is going probably every time I speak to him, when I see or talk to him I fully expect the sentence "how many bags?" to be said, he means how many five pound bags of sugar have I lost so far, 32 bags and a 2 pound box so far now. Right on down to this blog and a couple forums that I read daily with some and almost daily with others, I have essentially created a support system that cannot and has not failed to date, so thank you to everyone involved with that. Most importantly is the determination and drive that I have to lose this weight, the discipline helps as well and I have made this my main focus until I hit that goal of weighing 275 pounds.

what else can I say? Life is good currently where my health is concerned and thats what this blog is about, I hope anyone that reads this can take something from my experiences so far and use it to their advantage, or for the people that read it because they happened upon it while surfing around hopefully you enjoyed the read. Thank you all who care to respond, and thank you all who take the time to read my little part of the web each day, it is appreciated.

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  1. Okay...Kelly didn't lose 167 pounds...that's the weight she was at the end of the show. :) I'm sure you meant that, though!

    Wow...a cold, no exercise, but still a two pound loss???! You must be doing something right! :D

    I bet that 386 freaked you out a little, though, huh!!

    BTW: I did just go drink a big glass of water for you - - after reading that comment. It almost made me throw up, but I chugged it just for you. Thanks! :)