Thursday, October 23, 2008

Late entry

Ok, so on Tuesday I was worried about having a bad week because of a bad week with the intake, I do feel like some of it was water retention but I am admitting that I had a bad week with eating, the first since I started this blog in Jan. I am looking for a loss tomorrows weigh in and think it will happen. It has been extremely busy around here and I just did not had time for a post yesterday, and now today its very late because I have been out all day and dealing with getting an estimate for some damage done on my Mustang by the neighbors kid so now that its done I guess I will wait indefinitely for her to pay for the damage, she seems the type of woman that will fuss as long as she can and force me to involve more than just us, so whatever. I will leave this post short because I am on my way out the door to pick up dinner (Subway) but I wanted to get a post in for the day. look for my post tomorrow and look for that weigh in, hopefully it will be a good week and I will have lost at least something (I did not weigh myself this morning) Thanks for reading along and thanks for all of the support.

Random pic for ya to gander at.

As Ever