Thursday, October 9, 2008

The choice is yours to make.

I have been riding the bike again as you can see by the deficit tracker to the left of the page, I am hoping that it makes a difference. Tomorrow is weigh in again and it seems like the weeks are just flying by right now, this entire year has been a blur quite honestly and I was just talking to my wife about the fact that I have lost almost 160 pounds just this year and how unbelievable it still is to me. This year could have gone down more than one way and the way it has unfolded so far where my health is concerned is absolutely incredible for me and my family, thinking back to the first week back in Jan when I started and I was thinking "well this is pretty easy so far but I know there will be a point when I hit that wall and go grab a couple three four double cheese burgers" here I am 9 months later and it hasn't happened yet and I blame that on my determination to get healthy again. I could have grabbed that pint of Ben and Jerrys that awaits Jan 2009 and gobbled it down long ago but I chose not to, I could have given up and went back to my old ways very easily but I chose not to. When its put like that it make ya wonder why it took so long to do, but thats just it I think I hit a point in my life when decisions HAD to be made and thats what happened, I decided that eating healthy and exercising was easier than a surgery that would basically force me to eat less, and here we are.

My wife has been an extremely important part of my success and I know that I am having an easier time than I could be because of her. She is there for me when I need someone to vent to about this damned skin thats starting to show itself, and she is there to tap me on the shoulder and ask "do you really want that cookie?" and she is constantly asking me if I have exercised on any given day and I think that keeps me on my toes. She has also lost a significant amount of weight since Jan and has recently started exercising daily which has encouraged me to start hitting the cardio again. Between the both of us we have lost a combined total of 220 pounds, yes I said 220 pounds! She has dropped 62 pounds and I am at 158 as of this morning, which by the way is only one pound away from me having less than 100 left to lose for me, but man! 220 pounds combined?!? we were carrying that around with us daily everywhere we went. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into the weight we have lost and a lot of discipline has been shown, to think about the fact that I still have 100 more pounds to lose can be daunting but at the same time I have no doubt in my mind that I will hit that 275 pound mark that I want to be at.

Here is a look at Wednesdays Menu, which is very low in calories for the day.


8:00 AM
2 cups bran cereal 180
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:15 AM
1 slice whole wheat bread 70
1/2 T peanut butter 50
1/2 T jam 25

12:45 PM
1 pear 85

2:15 PM
1 can Progresso soup 120
6 Ritz wheat crackers 82

crystal light 40

6:30 PM
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 can tuna 160
1 T miracle whip 35
onions/pickle 25
4oz sweet potato fries 100
ketchup 20

9:15 PM
1 apple 100

Grand total of 1362 calories, a very low day indeed but its just how it turns out sometimes, fluid intake was good at more than a gallon and a half total with about 3/4 of a gallon being green tea and I did have some crystal light and water as well. I am not worried about the low day, these things happen and should not really have a negative effect on anything, at least it hasn't in the past. Good choices are being made daily and the results are obviously clear nine months down the road. Call it what you will, addiction, habit, indulgence or just not caring, it all boils down to making that choice to not eat in an unhealthy manner and to exercise daily or to ignore the whys and keep making excuses, are you ready to choose? good now drop and give me 20!

As Ever


  1. I have been following for only a few weeks but you are amazing. Keep up the great work.

  2. I still can't believe that you've stayed "on the wagon" for this whole entire year!!! That's really awesome, and I need for you to keep up the great work because anytime I read your blog, it makes me want to get going again, like the good ole days. :)

    I wonder how many people you've inspired to lose weight already this year....