Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bill Germanakos meets Zeusmeatball..

This afternoon I had a little treat, there was a health and wellness expo at the Hartford convention center sponsored by NBC channel 30 a local television station and Bill Germanakos the winner of the biggest loser 4 was scheduled to be there, so we decided to pack the kids up in the car and head on over. We arrived there around 11:15am and walked around a bit looking at all of the booths they had set up from dental booths to weight loss surgery right on down to general health and well being type things, there was an announcement that Bill would be going on stage to talk at noon so I decided to walk on over to the NBC booth and see if he was around and he was, so I meandered over and waited in line where a few of the NBC news personalities were sitting at a table signing pictures along with Bill, Lauren Petty who was much hotter in person by the way was there along with Doug Greene who both signed a photo for my son, and he was very excited about meeting Doug Greene for whatever reason.

I chatted with Bill for a couple of minutes and my impression is that he is good guy, while talking I told him that I had lost 164 pounds so far, which is coincidentally the same amount that he had lost on the show, his response to what I had just said? He yelled "Hey everybody He lost 164 pounds so far!" I know that I turned 12 shades of red as I heard an applause behind me from the other people waiting in line, thats when I said to him since he was in a shouting mood that wify had lost weight as well and he did the same for her weight loss and thats how I know it was 12 shades of red because I just looked at Wify when it was her turn. We took a few photos and chatted for a minute more and were on our way because he had to be on stage very soon and there were others waiting in line. All in all it was pretty cool meeting him and he came off as a very down to earth fella, His time on the stage was straight to the point and he seemed to speak from the heart, lots of what he said was all too familiar and I related with just about all of it. He had lots of information in his words and talked about himself and why he had enough of being the fat guy, I could definitely see where someone that has never been overweight could be enlightened by what he had to say, here are a couple photos.

Wify snapped this picture as Bill and I were talking.

Here I am standing next to the biggest loser 4 champion.

Bill Germanakos on stage talking to the crowd at the Hartford convention center Sunday afternoon.

It was a nice weekend all around for me and meeting Bill Germanakos I believe will be a spark for me to get my arse in gear again and hit the exercise the way I should be. He did talk about what he ate and calorie ranges etc and I was surprised, and not so surprised at the same time to see that it was somewhat like my eating plan so that was kind of cool. I did have a what I would call a naughty dinner one night, I had a Chicken Parm grinder from a local pizza house for dinner Saturday night but like I say, it is a lifestyle change so having that random grinder is not a bad thing as long as most of the time I am eating properly and healthy, in fact Bill said it was ok for me to eat a whole pizza once per week on top of my daily calories! honest he did. I am still rolling right along and plan on stepping the exercise up a bit this week to see if it sticks, let me correct that, to MAKE it stick! and I have been wanting to get more strength training in but it just hasn't been happening the way I would like it to be.

Another weekend down and it was a fun one, I got to meet an admirable fellow and the keep on keepin on is doing just that. I want to thank everyone that takes the time to read my ramblings day in and day out and I thank all of the new people as well. I may not have been on the biggest loser but I have an idea of what the people on that show have gone through and how they feel afterwards, something Bill said while he was on stage stuck to me like nothing has in a long while, He said that when he was at his highest weight that when someone would mention to him that he was getting bigger he would say that he "felt good" and in reality, He did not know what "feeling good" meant until he lost the weight, this is something that I am relearning day by day as each pound falls from my body.

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  1. chick_in_the_hat (Gina)October 26, 2008 at 8:30 PM

    That's fantastic!!!

    Nuttin wrong with a little Biggest Loser inspiration!

    You are looking fabulous, BTW - and it's great to see Bill has kept his weight off. He looks healthy! :D

  2. Wow! How neat, Tony! I loved the pictures, and you are looking really good! :)

    I've never actually heard of that Bill guy before (I guess I missed that season) but that is totally awesome that you got to talk with him and meet him and all of that jazz!!

    Congrats, too, on the one pound loss this week! I knew you could do it. :P

    Sorry I've not been following along as well as I should be....I think I'm in need of a little bit of Biggest Loser motivation, too!! I want to know what kind of plan Bill followed, but most of all, I'm curious as to how he has maintained since the show. Did he tell you about that???

  3. Too cool that you got to meet Bill. I wonder how is twin brother is doing. Great pictures too.

  4. Darn that is sooo cool for you and wify and the kids!!!! How proud your children must have been at that moment when Bill was shouting out your weight loss!!!

    oh Tony I found someone that is sorta close to where you are now (stat-wise) check this dude out --
    Day 1/480

    Height 6'6"

    Weight 333 lbs/229 lbs

    Body Fat 36%/18%

    Chest 50"/45"

    Waist 47"/38"

    Hips 44"/37"

    Biceps 16"/16.75"

    My Fitness goals over the next few months (Until January to be exact) are:
    -to get down to 10% BF
    -20 unassisted pullups
    -100% clean eating
    -Workout EVERYDAY (rest on sunday)
    -GET RIPPED!!!

    tell me if you can't get the links!I really want you to check this out (please please please)

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Robyn, yeah yeah excuses excuses! did ya drink your water today yet? doooo eeeet! and wow you haven't heard of "that bill guy" you watch TBL! heh on maintenance he did mention during his talk on stage that its just a matter of sticking to it and keeping it moderate. I didn't get a chance to chat with him as long as I would have liked to with the line of people waiting to meet him too :)

    bbub, He mentioned during his time on stage that his brother is doing good and has had a body tuck surgery.

    Holly, That fella looks like he has come a long way and yes the links worked. I still have to lose 40 pounds to get where he started! lol but hopefully it goes smooth and I get there as well. and since you don't blog any more you should shoot me an email so I have yours ;) link is on the profile for the email.

    thanks again for all of the comments so far guys!

    As Ever

  6. Love the update,, that is amazing!! You are doing great:)

    I am sending you a link to our daily newspaper, that featured a guy who once weighed in at 444lbs and has lost 160lbs by walking his dog and counting calories, there are also before and after pics!!

    His story reminds me of yours and is very inspirational...keep up the great work!!! you look great:)

  7. Jayme, Thanks for that link, his story does remind me of what I did/am doing.

    As Ever