Friday, August 8, 2008

Weighing in and Olympics take over the television

Today is the day that the Olympics start as well as the day that I weigh in, when I woke up I went straight to the scale and hopped on and I have a loss this week of 3 pounds, its actually more than that but I only count whole numbers usually last week I weighed 399 and this morning the scale said 396.o for the first number and then 395.4 and then 395.6 so I will call it 396 for the weight this week so a 3 pound drop from last week and I have finally kicked 399 to the curb for the first time in 2 weeks and I have to admit I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders no pun intended. this is with me upping my intake by 200 calories per day and exercising more consistently and I hope to see another drop for next week but thats getting ahead of myself and I am just glad to see 399 gone for now.

This GS500F weighs in at 396 lbs

and This chunk of meteor weighs in at 138 lbs which is how much I have lost so far

Intake was good for Thursday coming in at 1653 total calories and I had to eat a Zone bar around 8pm to get all of them in but I don't mind that as Zone bars taste awesome. and I did get some movement in on my stationary bike, I rode for 25 minute in the am and then again last night for another 20 minutes so 45 total minutes and it looks like rain again for today so the bike will be how I get my workout in today as well and I want to have it completed before the Olympics start tonight o that I can relax while watching the opening ceremony. here is the menu for Thursday.


8:30 AM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T Grape jam 50

10:30 AM
1 pear 85

1:00 PM
Tuna/pasta smart ones meal 250
1.5 oz pretzel sticks/mustard 163
dannon light and fit yogurt 60

3:15 PM
1 pear 85

5:45 PM
2 cups home made soup 300
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
1/2 T Smart balance spread 25

8:30 PM
1 caramel zone bar 200

Over all I am pleased with my progress in the last 7 months and will continue on with the current plan of 1700 calories for another week, and if I lose again next week 1700 will become the normal intake amount and I will keep the exercise where it is because I can 100% feel myself getting stronger by the day where my endurance is concerned, and that wraps up another weigh in day and 3 more pounds gone. Thank you for following along and as always kids, tune in again same bat time same bat channel to find out how the good fight goes.

As Ever


  1. Hi Everyone! I thought I would come on and tell everyone thank you for the comments on my little post earlier this week. Sorry to make you girls cry. Probably made some boys cry too, but they won't admit it. :)

    And just to keep you all (or as Robyn would say, y'all) updated, I too have seen a 3 lb loss this week. Much like hubby, the scale would not break 180 for the past 2 weeks! I was so excited and happy to see 177 this morning! 170, here I come!

    Well, just wanted to chime in. Great job babe! I'm glad we got those milestones out of our way, on to better things! Can't wait to go hiking with you this weekend.


  2. Woohoo congrats Tony and wify for breaking your plateaus! Ugh, how I wish I could break mine. Hopefully you have a great weekend, I'm going to Palm Springs for the weekend with my mom and girls to see my aunt and her gf, and for some outlet shopping!

  3. I would say y'all!! Haha!!
    Great news on the loss, Tony! And you, too, wify!! I'm glad to see that the increase in calories seems to be doing the trick! Oh, and I'm sure that the extra exercise isn't hurting a bit! :) Way to go!!

  4. Congratulations on the loss!