Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday, Hiking a cat and a bag.

This morning the scale moved again if only slightly and an empty harbor may be to blame, and this is a good thing. so were feeling good today, and I went on a little easy hike yesterday after my last post and ended up at the park for two and a half hours between the hiking around and the stopping at playgrounds that are scattered throughout. I did some more sprinting on the uphill parts which was mostly just to see if I could do it at first but its sort of become something I do now and I think it adds a layer to the workout that doesn't have to be there but is good that it is. I did take a few photos of the area where I was but they are nothing especially spectacular as I was in a very thickly wooded area for the most part and was hiking the bottom of a huge hill so no real "sights" to photograph this time. here are a few of the pictures I that I did take, click any of them for a larger view.

This is where we entered the woods at the start of our hike.

There was a big foot sighting and I managed to snap this pic before he disappeared back into the woods, it looks like he needs a shave oh my.

This tree was lit up with sunlight and was the only one in the whole area that had sun and it looked cooler than the picture illustrates but there it is.

Same tree as above closer up.

Just a big mushroom.

A very tall pine tree, see I told ya nothing spectacular.

Intake for the day was ok but I do think I went over if only slightly, we ended up at my Mother in laws house where we had Subway for dinner but with the subways in came some Cheeto's and some wavy lays potato chips which I had a handful of I had 825 calories to spare and believe I went just slightly over with some dipping into the Cheeto's bag a time or two, all together not too shabby a day if I do say so. I would also like to mention that the cats out of the bag so to speak as far as me keeping this blog from people that I know personally, up until yesterday I had not let anyone that I know personally in on the fact that I write this blog but I was talking to my best friend yesterday and told him about it and he has the link now so hopefully he will read through a bit and see how it has been for me for the past few months, I can remember back when we were kids (it was probably late teens) and he had just lost a lot of weight and he said to me "being too skinny will always be better than being too fat" which when I mentioned it to him, he of course does not remember saying it, and back then I thought GTFOutta here man! no way I want to be some frail ass! but today if he had said that same statement I would have to agree with him and it was just one of those insignificant statements that people make that actually sticks with someone else, that someone else being me this time.

I wanted to mention that I had asked my wife to write a post that I can put up here from her point of view a while back and she accepted and tells me that she is working on it now so I will post that up when she finishes it and I think it will be interesting to see this whole thing through her eyes so I am looking forward to that, and thats all she wrote for this post and it seem like the day is off to a good start weather wise and maybe another hike is in order for this afternoon or maybe I will just hang out in the yard today and ride the bike instead for today, or maybe I will do both! we will see, Thanks for reading.

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  1. That looks pretty cool Tony. The trees where I live don't get tall -- we have a few tall ones at the parks by the rivers but generally speaking we have short short trees.....I bet that one would be super fun to climb!

    I loved climbing trees when I was a kid -- I would look pretty dumb doing it now I bet. I would probably get stuck and need help from the fire dept. :(

    You are 100percent transformed!!!!