Monday, August 4, 2008


Monday morning and its beautiful outside, I find myself wondering why I am inside sitting at the lap top when I should be outside enjoying the day, ahh now I remember, because this blogging thang has been pinnacle in keeping me on track with my weight loss and plan for better health so here I sit for the time being. The weekend was decent but like my last post said I did not really get any exercise into either day barring some time walking around a mall with wify and the kids. we went to a few sporting goods stores and a few outdoors type stores looking at back packs and other random things because I want to start hiking on a more serious level, we have a lot of great places to hike in this state (the Appalachian trail for instance) and it would be a shame to not take full advantage if hiking is what I will do for exercise. I definitely need to work my way up to that trail because at almost 400 lbs I think that would be a rough one but I need to get use to walking with a back pack on again and will walk the easier more beaten paths for a good long while to recondition myself back to a strength and endurance level that will allow me to hike harder trails because right now though I am energized and eager I am very heavy and know that I am in no condition to take on a hard trail. I have hiked much of the Appalachian trail that runs through CT and into MA and NY when I was younger, some of it was when I was a boy scout (yes I was a boy scout) and some was in my very early 20's. so with that said you can see that I am finding joy in some of the things that once upon a time were things that I would do for fun.

This is one of the packs I am considering, it was $79 if I am remembering correctly and has a spot for a lap top if I wanted to use it for things other than hiking so its dual purpose.

Intake for Sunday came in pretty much exactly where it needed to at 1695 calories for the day but like my previous post mentioned there was a medium Dairy queen chocolate cone in there so it was not the best day in the world for consumption. I would also like to mention that a large freight ship left the yard this morning and that is the first one in a while, small ferry's have left here and there but the freight ship was just sitting in customs, because the customs officers were too slow all of the cargo rotted and had to be flushed away, I blame that on the fact that I upped my fiber consumption starting on Friday and will continue to do so from now on because if the ships aren't flowing freely then the harbor gets all kinds of congested and we can't have that now can we?

Over all I am still going strong but still can't help feeling like the 1700 limit will cause a gain this week, and I know its a foolish stance to take but I can't help it. I know I will be over it in a day or two and I am pretty sure that I will not gain anything and I am pretty sure that I will continue to lose so thats the outlook that I will try and keep. Now that I have a post up for today it is time to go outside and enjoy the rest of my day, I think I may go for a short easy hike with the kiddos and I will bring my camera this time and be back later hopefully with some pictures from my walk about, and speaking of pictures, I did update the picture on the top left of the page to the most recent incarnation of myself. until next time, keep on keepin on and thanks for reading.

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  1. I just started my weight loss blog/food diary and have been trying to find people with similar issues. You're a huge inspiration from what I've read. I wish the very best for you!

  2. I like that backpack! You should get it. :)

    I like the idea that you will have extra calories on the days that you exercise, but the same on the days when you don't. I really can't imagine that you'd not lose weight that way. I at least think you should keep doing it that way for a few weeks, just as an experiment, if nothing else.

    Where are those pictures??! Oh...probably the same place mine are: Still on my memory card, not yet shared with the world. Soon enough, though! Soon enough. :P

    You're doing great, ya know. Keep it up.

    ....I know you will. :D