Thursday, August 7, 2008


Deciding to up my calories to 1700 per day because I am exercising more regularly as well as more intensely still has me thinking about my weight and how it is not coming off all too fast the last few weeks. I am not concerned really just more interested in whats happening and what has changed to make the weight drop slower than it has been, and only because it seems to be sudden. I have been doing well with the switch over to 1700 calories but still feel like I am eating just to make up those calories but thats ok I don't mind too much.

I hope to see a drop in weight this week as I am tired of seeing 399 pop up there each morning, and I need to see a difference for the work I have been putting in lately. I got a 25 minute ride on the bike in Wed followed with 60 push ups and called it a day, we are expecting Thunder storms this afternoon so it looks like it will most likely be a bike ride today unless weather holds out and then I may go to the park with the kiddos. intake for yesterday was pretty much right where I wanted it besides the fact that I was more than 100 calories lower than my 1700 target coming in at 1595 for the day and here is that menu.


8:30 AM
raisin english muffin 90
1 T Grape Jam 50

10:30 AM
6oz sweet potato fries 150
ketchup 20

12:45 PM
1 Caramel zone bar 200

2:00 PM
1 can of tuna 150
2 80 calorie rolls 160
1 T Miracle whip 35
1 dill pickle 10

5:45 PM
2 Gortons fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
2 servings brussel sprouts 90
salsa/light sour cream 30
ketchup 20

8:30 PM
1 apple 100

Grand total of 1595 calories and thats good enough for me. This morning I hopped on the scale and it did show a slight loss and I am hoping that it stays for tomorrows weigh in but I am not counting my chickens before they hatch and will hold off on sighing that sigh of relief that I dropped below the mystical number of 399 that has attached itself to my scale until it has done so in a permanent way. I will try and eat a little light today but stay within calories in order to try and coax the scale down a bit this week and what I mean by eat light is lighter foods, lots of veggies and I think I will make soup for dinner which will be fitting if the rain comes rolling through. and with that another entry on Ye old blog is here and I thank you for reading along and I especially want to thank everyone that has left supportive comments for me. so Thanks.

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  1. Hey I just wanted to say quickly that I've been keeping up with the posts all week but my work computer was down and it was just too crazy at home to log on to post comments! I'm a little jealous looking at your menu today seeing brussel sprouts on, I'm like a vegetable guru but those are just one thing I haven't been able to fall in love with yet! Can't wait for the weigh-in tomorrow...I'm eternally stuck at 166...3 weeks now!!! Oh well, it's just practice for when I hit maintenance!!! LOL!