Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Sunday night Summary of a boring weekend.

Another busy weekend kept me away from the computer but I wanted to get a post up for the weekend, I upped my calories to 1700 and if I am being honest I feel terrible about it, I feel like I am gorging myself and I know that I am not but I still feel as if I am. today along with a big breakfast, though late it was big I had a medium chocolate cone from Dairy queen and regretted it later on in the day but I am over it now. I feel like this whole weekend was sort of completely off track with the intake, I did not exercise at all besides walking around the mall all day yesterday and today we went on some errands bu nothing in the way of what I consider real exercise like hiking or bike riding etc, I will give this 1700 calorie thing a week or two but somehow I don't feel good about doing it.

On a different note my wife is noticing that I am my old confident self again since dropping the weight, I smiled at her this afternoon and she said to me "I think you smile when you look at me because you see your reflection in my eyes", She caught me off guard with the comment and we had a good laugh, I have to admit that I am feeling like my old self again lately but I had no clue that I was projecting that to anyone else. we also pulled out a few old photo albums and were flipping through them looking for pictures of when we met back 9 or so years ago to compare and we came to the conclusion that I am smaller than when I met my wife (or really close anyways) so I am just a tad bit more than ecstatic about that little discovery.

Make the decision, ignore the reality of the situation or understand it and make your own choices.

So to sum the post up, I feel like my old self again and my wife can see it, this is a great thing, just trust me on that one, and I feel like 1700 calories is too much and that I am gorging myself on the extra 200 calories, yes I know that where the gorging is concerned is a ridiculous statement and that I can likely eat more than that and still lose pounds BUT since I have been eating 1500 for the last 7 months it is a change and a change in an upward direction so it feels off is all, and I can't help but think about people that I have read about with eating disorders etc and can't help but understand a little how they can get there even though they weigh nothing but feel like they are eating too much. I have learned how to eat to live and not live to eat in the last 7 months and eating is nothing more than fueling my body so that it can live and keep me moving and not eating comes easy these days..but yeah, I can see where if someone let themselves get absorbed it could become a problem. No worries here thats not happening I just thought I would mention it because it was a thought I had earlier today. Thanks for reading my ramblings once again, and I want to leave you with this. weight loss is a decision it is nothing more and nothing less, thats not to say that its not difficult but it does come down to a decision to see the reality of the situation or choose to ignore it.

Will you choose the red pill or the blue?

As Ever

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  1. I was just looking at your monthly weight numbers over in the left column. Man, that's some pretty impressive weight loss over a sustained period. Congratulations!