Friday, August 15, 2008

weighing in and a couple more pounds gone.

Upon waking this morning I feel worse than I did yesterday, I will say that first. But onto business, I hopped on the scale and it said 394.4 pounds twice so I will call it 394 and a loss of 2 pounds this week and at that I am a bit surprised I must admit. I have done no exercise as I said in my last post and upped my calorie to 1700 this week and somehow pulled off a 2 pound drop all while being sick for the past 5 days so I am happy about that. one thing I am going to for a day or two to attempt to get better faster is eat a few oranges and not count them in my 1700 calories if I can help it, maybe some orange juice as well as its always seemed to help me get better faster in the past and being sick isn't fun and worth the extra intake.

This Ducati S2R 1000 weighs in at 394 pounds.

Natalie Coughlin weighs in at 137 pounds which is not what I have lost so far I have lost 140 pounds so lets just pretend that she had a big lunch and is 140 here, mostly because I couldn't find someone or something more interesting that did weigh 140 pounds.

My intake came in at 1550 calories yesterday mostly because I wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like eating and the fact that we had a later than usual dinner so I called it a day and did not make up the last 150 calories, no worries. and with that I give you yesterdays menu.


9:00 AM
2 cups shredded wheat 380
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:30 PM
3 slices light rye bread 120
4oz deli turkey breast 110
1 T Miracle whip 35
dill pickle 10

3:00 PM
1 hebrew national hot dog 45
1 slice light rye 40
relish/mustard 20

6:45 PM
8oz ground turkey 320
2 80 cal rolls 160
6oz sweet potato fries 150
ketchup 20
condiments 30

Grand total of 1550 calories and a 2 pound loss this week, I'll take it, and other than being sick I guess its not been too bad a week where my weight loss is concerned but I am missing the exercise part of the equation which is not something you would have heard me mutter just seven months ago but at the same time maybe my body needed a rest and is why I am sick currently, who knows? not me, but as soon as this congestion and sore throat is gone I will be back outside hiking and riding my bike in the evenings again. This weeks 2 pound loss is great and I am constantly chipping away at the extra weight, I am looking forward to lighter days.

As Ever


  1. Yay for unexpected losses for this week! :) I'm so sorry you're still feeling crappy. I hope that changes soon. I'm really happy for you that you had a loss this week, and I'm willing to bet that next week's weigh in will be an even bigger number! :)

    ...Looks like that 1700 calorie thing is working out nicely for ya! YAY!! :D

  2. just wanted to say that i read your blog EVERY day and you are a inspiration. i am going back and reading your older entries also. the x rated pepper CRACKED me up! you and my hub must be seperated at birth. same sense of humor.

    you are doing awesome!