Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rode hard and put away wet.

First things first, last night around 12:30 am as I walked through the kitchen to use the bathroom the bag of Jax on the table called to me and I grabbed a handful out of the bag and munched them down, upon leaving the bathroom I grabbed another handful and thought to myself "why are you taking these" but alas by the time I had come up with an answer good enough to make me want to put them back they were gone and orange finger tips were mine, then I thought "wow that was a silly move mister worked out like a demon today" so I decided that I will add the calories to my todays intake number since technically I did eat them after mid night so thats the confession for the day, its all about accountability so there you have it.

Onto the exercise, I started out the day with the thought that I would try and get 2 rides in on the bike, one in the afternoon and one in the evening and roughly around one or two pm I rode for 25 minutes and went into a calisthenics routine afterwards and was feeling good, then I went out with wify and we ended up walking around for about an hour or two so my afternoon had movement for sure, then it was back to the house for dinner and after dinner I asked "hey wanna go for a walk?" sure thing she stated and off we went, it was not an epic walk but just about 1.7 miles and I came home and thought "now I don't have to ride the bike a second time" yet 20 minutes later there I was on the bike pedaling away for another 20 minute ride so all in all it was a pretty active day exercise wise and this morning I have that rode hard and put away wet feeling going on and I am a little sore all over.

Intake came in at 1690 calories not including the late night ok I will call a duck a duck, Binge, and was pretty decent as far as what I ate as well and it was spread out through out the day pretty good, take a look at the menu for yourself.


8:30 AM
2 Multi-grain english muffins 200
1 serving Turkey pepperoni 70
2 wedges laughing cow 70
sliced tomato 10

12:30 PM
1oz jax 140

2:30 PM
4 slices light Italian bread 160
2oz low fat Mozz cheese 160
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
light parm cheese 10
pizza sauce 30
jalapeno 5

6:30 PM
2 cups home made soup 300
1 cup white rice 200
sour cream/salsa 25

8:45 PM
1 pear 90
1 peach 70

9:30 PM
1 dannon light and fit yogurt 80

Grand total of 1690 calories and then a late night snack which will be added to todays intake number and I will be on the bike for at least a 20 minute ride at some point today but I will be up late because my Mom is flying in from LA for a visit and her flight gets in at mid night so I don't want to over do it today so a single 20 minute ride will have to suffice for today and another post comes to an end.

Carry on...

As Ever


  1. You naughty little late-night binger! Oh well, though, I think your body was just needing those extra cals yesterday (er, um, this morning, I mean) b/c of the extra exercise you got in. Good going on that exercise, too!!! :) Now, finish that bag of Jax off, and don't buy any more of em!!

  2. OH! And, I can't wait to hear what your mommy says when she sees you!!!! How long did she cry???!