Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did I mention that I am sick?

The title says it all, I am sick as a dog, sore throat, cough, stuffy head and feeling tired as anything and I have just been sitting around trying to feel better hence the lack of posts in the past few days. I have done zero exercise since the walk at my MIL house mentioned in my last post but I decided to keep the calories at 1700 per day anyways just because I honestly believe that I need the extra intake. things intake related are on track I did have one day where I went over by 32 calories because a beer was needed and I am not even worrying about going over by 32 on one day, I have stayed off of the scale so I am not sure how it will look in the morning, I am hoping for a loss of course but with the week that I had I am not expecting anything and I know that the smaller guy inside me will tear his way out because it is already happening, even as I type this.

Natalie Cauglin.

I have been watching as much of the Olympics as I can and told my wife that I want to start swimming, swimming being what is keeping me interested in watching right now. My wife was a competitive swimmer from age 6 to 18 and it has always impressed me with the way she swims, when wify is in the water is when she looks the strongest to me and well if I am being honest its hot, so I think part of my interest stems from that as well, in fact I will admit to having a bit of a lets call it a crush on one of the swimmers this year Natalie Coughlin and someone brought it to my attention that there is a resemblance between my wife and her and I wonder if thats where it comes from, but enough about that. I think a lot of people watch something like the Olympics and get motivated and its doing just that to me because I know that I will start swimming soon enough, one because its a great way to get Cardio into a day, two I am not really what you would call a strong swimmer, I can swim just not as good as I would like and three it is something that wify could/would get into more if it were to happen. so to sum that up I am enjoying watching the Olympics this year and I am actually getting motivation from it so though I am sick I am enjoying myself.

I have to admit that I have a bit of cabin fever because of being sick and I am just pining away to go out on a hike or a long walk or something and its been beautiful here in New England the past few days so its doubly frustrating to be under the weather. I mentioned that I was going to start deficit tracking this week but with the not being able to workout I was not able to start it but as soon as this cold or whatever this is passes I will jump right in there. did I mention that I am going nuts for a hike or something? oh yeah I did...

I plan on weighing in tomorrow morning and getting a weigh in post up fairly early so look for that and I hope to have a loss or at least stay the same as last week but I would not be surprised at a small gain just because I upped the calories and the exercise was non existent this week, we shall see, Thanks for reading along while I drop a whole person from my body.

As Ever


  1. Sorry you're sick! It sure does suck to feel like crap when the weather is so nice outside. But, at least the Olympics is on! I'm thinking of getting my 9 year old daughter involved in swimming. She's been enjoying watching the swimming as well. I think that sounds like a GREAT activity for you and wify to do together! How fun!