Friday, August 1, 2008

weigh in day and changes needed maybe

So upon waking I know that the drop will not be big if any at all and I was right, I woke up today and am 399 lbs so no loss no gain which is better than a gain but not as good as a loss so I am neither happy nor sad about the weight today. I have to admit that I am a bit confused but I think I know exactly what I need to do as well, I have busted my ass this week exercise wise, 20-40 minutes per day on the bike and went hiking for 3 days this week and all but one was long hikes I ate well and stuck to plan for the most part and yet here I am weighing the same as I did last Friday? what gives? I think that with me stepping up the exercise I need more calories in my day, I only do 1500 calories per day right now but I have done that from day one and am down 134 lbs so I figured why mess with it but the last few weeks have been odd, I will lose 4-6 pounds one week and then stay even the next and this has been the case for about a month and a half so I do believe that its time to start playing with calories to see if I can jump start the losses again. I am a bit weary about doing this at this weight only because I have crossed that 400 pound threshold and I would hate to pop back above it even if only for a minute but I think I at least need to try upping the calories a bit just to see what happens, I guess I could always stop some of the exercise but I don't want to do that because the benefits of the exercise out weigh keeping the calories lower. with that said I will start eating 1700 calories on the days that I exercise and stick to 1500 calories on the days that I do not and see what that does for me.

Intake for Thursday was good coming in at 1425 calories and I found my new favorite treat, Popsicle brand sugar free ice pops, these were bought for my kids but I tried one last night and ended up having 3 because I had the calories, it was weigh in day today and I figured its just liquid, anyways the flavors are Tropical fruit and I can hardly taste that they are sugar free and they are only 15 calories each. over all I am happy with how things are going even though there is not a loss this week, I know that I have done my body some good this week with all of the movement that it has seen and I am getting stronger by the day, meaning my endurance is picking up and I mean way up from where I have been. the combination of losing 134 pounds, putting the right foods into my body and the fact that I actually exercise now is to blame for my current fitness level and it can only get better from here I suspect.

In conclusion I am a bit weary of upping my calories and I am moving into a territory that I have not ventured into since starting this weight loss regimen and that is upping my calories, I have stuck with 1500 calories throughout this entire time and it has worked so far but I think with the additional exercise that I should change things a bit and thats the plan so we shall see where I end up in a couple weeks. My only reservation is that I am 399 pounds and can possibly go back over the 400 mark by changing things around, but then again I can gain however the day goes so with that the new change will start today, I will eat 1700 calories starting now and hopefully the weight will start dropping and the boats will begin to launch again on a regular basis. I will not post a photo this week because I did not lose anything so it would be the same pic as last week, as always I thank you for reading and following along with me and my journey to a smaller fellow.

Editing to add that after looking back at my posts I was 399.8 and 400.0 pounds last week and this week was 399 on the nose this week so it is actually a 1 pound loss for the week.

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  1. I don't know if this will help any BUT---
    my personal belief is that when you "bust your ass" one week you won't see it on the scale till the next week.

    Maybe it is just me but that is what usually screws me up! Say I work out and eat right for one week, there is no difference by Friday on the scale BUT the next week is great --the whole week. So what do I do --- I slack off that week and then by the next week I am right back where I started..... maybe I just suck????

    I still think you are doing terrific!

  2. I agree with Holly. That's the same way I am! You'll see the big drop next week.

    I don't think that upping your calories to 1700 is a BAD idea, but it may take a week or two for you to see it do you any good. That's what I'm suspecting. But, you say you've been at 1500 this entire time, and I know that so many days you came in closer to 1300 or so. SO...if you aim for 1700, I bet you'll at least get close to 1500 as your average, which is where you should be anyway. :) Hang in there...and I'm so glad to see that little "edit" comment on there! Down one pound is great! :) Have a great weekend! Enjoy those extra 200 calories!

  3. Third on holly's comment. I know from experience that weight after a lot of exercise is sure to go UP for a while. The water retention as the body repairs itself from all the wear and tear on the muscles and joints lasts quite a while.
    Also, though you may think weighing only once a week (is that what it is) may insure a loss if you've been sticking to your plan (and it's a good one, which it sounds to be) but it's just another day in a line of them and the weight could have been way down the previous day or about to drop the following.
    You are down one pound in any case, but you are likely down more. I would try to get away from the scale for a while and just shore up your resolve. It does sound like you're OK on that, but your disappointment is heart-breaking to hear. Just hang in there. You are doing everything you need to lose the weight. It WILL come off!!!!

  4. Here I am to say I agree too, lol! I think that when you add a lot of exercise or increase it substantially your body wonders why this sudden new calorie losses and tries to hold onto them for fear of 'starvation'. Every time I up my speed, intensity or length of workout I stagnate for a week or so. But I say that the exercise is definitely worth it :)

    Hey 1 lb is great!

  5. I think you are doing awesome and your pics really show the difference!