Friday, August 22, 2008

Weighing in once again I have lost a whole pocket bike.

Friday is here and the time of week to record my weight has arrived, I won't keep you in suspense and I won't try and dazzle you with anything more than the number this week which is smaller than I thought it would be but I have a theory on why, but before I get to that I have lost one pound this week and I weighed in at 393 pounds upon waking today. onto the theory, I have had an extremely stressful week (not related to weight loss so I won't bore you with the details) on Monday I weighed 390 pounds and thats when the stress came into the picture as well, I have not been hydrating myself like I normally do and lack of exercise is definitely a factor and I have not been eating every few hours, its been more like 6 hours between meals and they have been larger and not so healthy but the fact that I was 390 on Monday means that I was actually seeing losses and when the stress reared its ugly head I gained back 3 pounds but I believe that some of it is because I drank heavily last night to try and make up some of the fluid that I know I have been missing out on but it is what it is and 393 is the number that shall be recorded. Am I happy about the one pound? sure, its a pound thats not on me any more, am I satisfied with it? no I am not, I know that I could have had more of a loss but life happens and such is the way of the world. so thats the way the cookie crumbles this week and a one pound loss is realized for the week, I am not happy about it and I am not upset about it I am sort of feeling neutral.

This 2006 Yamaha R6 weighs in at 393 lbs

This X18 Pocket bike weighs in at 141 pounds which is the amount of weight I have lost so far.

You will notice that my menu is well, shitty from yesterday I had 3 meals and a tiny pear that I picked off of a tree and dinner was an Italian BMT from Subway and I did have Mayo on it, I just didn't care because its what I wanted at the time. I also had some chocolate but when I say that I mean a new phone, I picked up a new LG Chocolate 3 phone and am getting use to how it works this morning and since its a new gadget I wanted to mention it. I have been pulled in two thousand directions in the past few days and its hard to get intake into my body when I need to so its been just trying to eat when I can and make it count calorie wise, the total is 1690 calories but as you will see its 3 lump meals and that random pear, here is a look at my dismal menu from yesterday.


8:00 AM
2 cups raisin bran 380
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:30 PM
1 can progrsso soup 120
1oz Tortilla chips 140

6:00 PM
tiny pear 40

7:00 PM
Subway Italian bmt 900

Over all things are still going in a positive direction and I am staying on track where calories are concerned its just the execution that I am worried about, in the past few days I have eaten fried chicken strips and fries at Friendly's, an Italian BMT with mayo and cheese and lots of peanut butter and jelly and home made pizza pockets, to say that my intake is flawed this week would be putting it lightly but as i said life happens and all ya can do is what ya can do and thats what I have been doing. I have been home barely and it could have been much worse in the form of McDonalds or the likes but I chose to grab the quick meal from home most times and I always kept track of the calories, I know that when this stress blows over I will hit it it hard again and get some real numbers flying again where my weight is concerned and get a rhythm back, so Until next time thats that.

As Ever


  1. As long as you realize that this week was "one of those weeks" and has not become the norm, I won't worry about it. You still lost a pound!! Okay, so you didn't lose 5pounds or 8 pounds...but come on! Nobody should have to be THAT good every week!! :D I think you did fine, and that 1 pound proves it. :)

  2. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. This week shall pass...another tomorrow turns into another week..into another chance for a bigger loss...although there is nothing wrong with one pound down.

    Your attitude is still on target...Whatever stress you had this week...I hope it is better and you can focus on you and getting to goal!!! You are the BOMB!!! skinny4baby

  3. I agree w/Robyn...nobody should have to lose 5-8 lbs. per week to have a good week. Heck right now I'd settle with .5 lb, lol! Life happens, and not letting the stresses over run you in the long run is all that matters. You lost weight, so you did good :)

  4. Dude
    Just stopping by on my weight loss journey.I also have had a less than desirable week or 2.Yes thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. That being said,Fried chicken and fries is not a lifestyle change and a lifestyle change is what this is all about.Maybe the fingers over a salad or a few fries with a healthy sandwich. Cravings come and yes we will give in.That meal once in a while no big deal.Just dont make it a habit.Good luck on your journey.