Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day something...

Another week is coming to a close and I have not exercised this week at all because of this cold that I am getting over, I have had a very hectic week and have not been how do I say "on the ball" with this whole weight loss thing, I am not saying that I have fell off of the wagon or anything its just not been the best of weeks for me all around and its translating into bad meal choices and off schedule timing on when said meals are eaten. this week I have had days where the calories were as low as 1200 and then yesterday I went over by 40 coming in at 1740 total calories and my dinner was eaten at 9:30 pm last night, I have to try and concentrate on getting my meals back on track and I may try a short ride on the bike this afternoon to see how my lungs handle it.

Physically I feel extremely strong lately, I cannot explain it other than saying I feel like I can do anything, I walk and feel the urge to run to where ever it is that I am going, a few nights ago I jumped up the stairs in my house one at a time just because, I carry my daughter on my shoulder EVERYWHERE we go and not only because she asks me but because I treat it as burning more calories, after all carrying 35 pounds up on my shoulders while I walk for 40 minutes has to count for something right? and then just yesterday I was walking through a parking lot and a car started backing up towards me and my first thought was to step up on the bumper and up and over the trunk, now whether that would have worked or not if the driver had not seen me is left unknown but the fact is that I know that I could have if need be and just 8 months ago it was not a possibility blows my mind. so this pleases me to say the least, I feel like I have my old self back and its only getting better by the day. here is my menu from Wednesday.


10:30 AM
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T jelly 50
2 slices whole wheat bread 140

12:00 PM
1 zone bar 200

2:30 PM
chicken strips/french fries (friendly's) 750

5:00 PM
1 fudge pop 70

9:30 PM
4 slices light Italian bread 160
2oz low fat Mozz cheese 160
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
light parm cheese 10
pizza sauce 30
jalapeƱo 5

Grand total of 1740 calories for the day and that lunch at Friendly's probably was not the best choice in the world as far as nutrition and health go but it hit the spot in a hectic day an is not really what caused me to go over calories (damn fudge pop) so I am cool with the choice to have it. over all I am still on track and can't wait to start working out again and as I stated earlier I may try to ride the bike today and I have tentative plan to go to the park later today so a hike may be the result of that little outing, we shall see. Tomorrow is another weigh in and I am looking forward to see what kind of loss I pull off this week, I know there is a loss I just don't know where it will settle to by the morning. Thank you for reading and be sure to tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel for the results to this weeks weigh in.

As Ever


  1. So you're feeling a little like Superman eh? LOL! Some days I feel a bit like Superwoman myself...I mean we kind of are like weight loss superheroes ;)

    I've been so hot lately that I decided to buy myself a different kind of 'treat' for after dinner instead of my nightly dark chocolate square. I bought a box of 'Hot Tamale' popsicles! They only have 60 calories each and taste just like a Hot Tamale candy...which btw are my FAVORITE movie candy of all time! They have a spicy popsicle on the outside and the inside has a creamy spicy's awesome!

    Anyway...I sure hope that cold you've got gets gone soon...I'm sure you can't stand not being able to work out...I know I hate the days when I'm just not able to squeeze it into my schedule, it sucks!

  2. The comment about jumping up onto and over a car cracked me up! My first thought would be to turn the other way and run!! HAHA!! But, that is really neat that you're feeling so strong lately. Your daughter is so lucky to have a daddy that's willing to tote her around on his shoulders all of the time. I was lucky like that, too, when I was little - - and look how well I've turned out!!! ;)
    It looks like although you may have made a few not-so-awesome choices in the food lately, that you've still counted calories and not gone over by enough to matter. So I still say you're doing an awesome job! Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what weigh-in says. :)