Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Exercise, a recipe and deficit tracking has begun.

Today is the day after the second day that I am back in the exercise game and I will say that I am glad that I am back to doing it. I only got to ride once yesterday for 20 minutes, its just how it worked out and I almost did not do it but wify said "just do it you know you will regret it if you don't" so I took her advice and rode and then added 70 push ups and that was that. I have added a column on the left side of the page to show the deficit tracking and I don't know what I will shoot for this first week, I want to see what I end up with by the end of the week and then set a goal slightly above that for next week, I do think that I want to go for 3500 calories burned in a week but I don't want to jump in head first without an idea what that is. calories for the day were right where they should have been coming in at 1690 total, and I will continue on a 1700 per day goal for a while more and see where it goes. I also wanted to post a sort of recipe which is really nothing more than a pile of pizza like ingredients that I have been making lately, we call them pizza pockets round here and they came about because I remembered that we had a sandwich maker in the cabinet, I needed something for lunch and well yeah that was that, here is what you will need.

Sandwich maker
Light Italian bread (4 slices)
Low fat Mozzarella cheese (2oz)
Light pizza sauce (2-3 T)
Turkey pepperoni (30g)
Sliced jalapeño (4-5 slices)
Light parm cheese (just a shake)
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Olive oil cooking spray

This has got to be the simplest thing in the world and is pretty self explanatory as to what happens next but here goes, and I do have a piling order. start by spreading the sauce on all four slices of bread and then shake a small amount of garlic powder and the light parm cheese on each slice of sauced bread. Next put about half of the shredded mozz cheese onto two of the slices of bread and then chop the jalapeños up and spread them evenly over the same slices with the cheese, next layer the Turkey pepperoni evenly over the cheese and then add another small shake of parm cheese and black pepper, finish it off with the remaining mozz cheese and top it off with the other slices of sauced bread. give the sammy maker a very very light spray of the olive oil cooking spray, place the 2 sandwiches into the sammy maker wait until the green light comes on indicating that they are cooked and bamn! spicy Jalapeño and pepperoni pizza pockets and all for a total of 435 calories. My wife substitutes mushrooms for the jalapeño and you can basically use your favorite kind of pizza toppings, these are very customizable and 2 sandwiches make 4 pockets which is very filling to me as a meal.

I will try and get on the bike today for two 20 minute rides for a total of 40 minutes of cardio, and I will do as many push ups as my wrist allows, I did not mention this but for whatever reason the push ups are making my left wrist a bit tender so I am watching that. I am approaching one of my goals which is to have lost 150 pounds, as of last Fridays weigh in I have lost 141 pounds and as of this morning its a bit more than that and my body is really starting to show the weight loss, in positive as well as negative ways. the positive is obvious, I am thinner, I am more healthy and I am back in a big way, now the negatives I am not so enthusiastic about and the issue of loose skin is becoming more apparent lately, I can't help but worry about how it will be remedied when the time comes. it looks like surgery is really the only way to fix it and its not a procedure covered by insurance (unless problems come of it) and its way expensive, so this weighs on me a bit with my recent visits to the mirror where I am seeing some of the damage that I have done with the weight gain. Oh well thats a fight for another day I think and all I can do is to keep doing what I am doing and maybe it will tighten up a bit more as time goes by, and for todays post in the words of porky pig, Thats all folks!

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  1. We used to have one of those sandwichmakers when I was growing up. Was fun to use.

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!