Friday, May 30, 2008

Weighing in

Another Friday has come to Us so another day to record ye old weight, its funny to me that I choose a day of the week to represent my accomplishments for said week, it is after all just a day in the sea of days but it shall remain. This week I thought I was going to have a terrible week as last weekend I was very much not "on track" as far as my eating went, but I am happy with my loss for the week, this morning I hopped on the scale and it reported back to me that I weigh 427 pounds on this fine Friday morning, that is a 3 pound loss from last Friday, Not bad for a week that I honestly thought was going to be my first gain week. this 3 pound loss this week brings me to 107 total pounds lost to date which is 20.03% loss in 5 months, not bad for a guy thats not buying into the "miracle diet" craze eh? I thought that I would put an update on how wify was doing on todays post as well, she is down to 190 lbs as of this morning which is a total loss of 46 lbs since Jan 1st. She looks great and I am equally happy for her as I am for myself for losing all of this weight, collectively we have dropped 153 pounds off of ourselves in just 5 months thats more than both of our children weigh combined! Moderate exercise and diet is proving to be the way to drop this weight for me as well as my wonderful wife.

This 2002 Honda 919 weighs in at 427 lbs, this happens to be one of the bikes that I am considering buying when I hit my goal weight.

This here Pit bull weighs in at 107 lbs, the amount I have lost so far.

This weekend we have been invited to dinner at my mother in laws place, we are either having scallops and shrimp sishkabobs, or salmon steaks depending on the weather, were suppose to get some rain tomorrow and if that happens salmon will be on the plate. I am looking forward to a walk around the lake so I do hope the rain does not ruin that part of the visit for me. otherwise nothing in our plans for the weekend. My intake has improved from last weekend, as I said I was not "on track" then, but this one will be better. Thursday My intake was good and I ate a big ol pile of watermelon late in the day just to get in my calories as it was almost 8pm and I was still almost 500 calories under. Here is the menu for Thursday.


9:45 AM
smart ones meal 230
whole wheat english muffin 100
omega 3 spread 25

2:30 PM
1 progresso soup 120
1/2 cup rice 100

4:00 PM
sugar free jello and cool whip 50

6:30 PM
1/2 cup kidney beans 120
3/4 cup chopped broccoli 30
3oz chicken 180
3/4 cup white rice 150

7:45 PM
21 oz watermelon 189
6oz sweet potato 150

Grand total of 1444 calories for the day which is right where I wanted it to end for the day. I do need to start walking regularly again, I took more than a week off because I want to try this cycling one week on one week off with the exercise thing and see if it makes the weight come off in bigger chunks. This week is a hardcore exercise week so I look forward to being tired, sore and sweaty and I plan on having a smile on my face the entire time. Thanks for following along.

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  1. 3 pounds is great!! Especially considering that you honestly thought you might gain this week. Great news! :D
    Way to go, wify!! She has done an equally amazing job with losing weight this year. What a pair you two are. :)
    Oohh...a visit to the lake, and good food that someone else is cooking and cleaning up after?? That sounds like a great weekend to me! I'll hope that the rain doesn't spoil any of the fun for ya.
    I love the idea of your one week on, one week off thing. This will be your week on, huh?? Well, good luck! Remember that sore is good. Pain is good. Haha. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. hello :)
    I've just read your blog yesterday and i'm so amazed by what you've done so far. From what you've done and have achieved so far, i'm sure you can reach your goal.

  3. Oh hey, 3 lbs is fantastic! I love those weigh-ins the most...the ones where you really aren't expecting much and them BAM! Way to go!

    Yay wify! You're rockin' right on too! You guys should be on some couples weight loss program on 20/20 or something!

    I hope the rain doesn't damper your walk around the lake...sounds so nice!