Thursday, May 15, 2008

Don't worry be happy Mon'

Skipping exercise yesterday was hard for me, but I did it. No bike ride, no walking, no calisthenics, no anything that remotely looked like exercise. I am not sore any more and I weigh the same as I did on Friday, so hopefully worse case scenario I break even for my weight this week. The weather is not good today and I wanted to go to the park with my daughter, I guess that will have to wait until the weekend, because it is suppose to rain on and off today and tomorrow. At least a bike ride will be in my future today, I will also do some light work with the free weights so I am happy about that.

Last night I was taking a shower and when I came out I walked into my room and noticed that I had nothing to put on, so I started looking through a drawer and found a pair of Pajama bottoms that haven't fit me since they were new, and they didn't even fit then. so I thought why not, lets try them on just for fun. I 100% thought they would pull up but be too tight to actually wear comfortably, I was wrong and in fact I am wearing them as I type this! I am very happy that these pj bottoms fit me because they did not fit just a month and a half ago. while I am on the subject of clothing I thought I would also mention that I have nothing that fits me correctly right now, maybe a couple of shirts, but for the most part my shirts are either too big now or not quite big enough, when I make it down one more size I will have shirts a plenty but for now I am swimming in half of them and the others look like my little brothers stuff. I did try on a button up shirt that I have, and it fits again! this is my favorite "nice" shirt that I own, there is nothing especially amazing about it other than its a good color for me and when it fit It looked good on me and the last time it fit was in the year 2000 or 2001, and I know this because there is a photo of me wearing it at Thanksgiving either 2000 or 2001 so saying that I am smaller than I have been in about 7 years is an honest statement! which brings me to pants, when I started off I was wearing a size 56 jeans (I wear them below my gut) and I now for the most part wear 52 (because its what I have most of) but 50's fit me just fine, in fact I need a belt to keep the 50's up and that belt has 6 holes that I had to punch in it because it is too big as well. I have a ton of size 46 stuff but zero in 48 and I am coming up on size 48 soon I think. I hate to think about buying pants in 48 when I know that I will not wear them for long, but summer time is coming and I will need at least a few pair of shorts what to do what to do. Now that I have bored you with my clothing dilemma here is the menu for Wednesday.


8:30 AM
4oz deli turkey 120
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
sliced tomato 10

12:00 PM
1 small apple 60

2:15 PM
1 can campbells soup 240
1 whole wheat english muffin 100
sliced tomato 10
omega 3 spread 20

3:45 PM
1oz tings 160

6:15 PM
4oz deli turkey 120
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
sliced tomato 10
1/2 gallon blueberry green tea 40

8:15 PM
zone bar 200

Grand total of 1440 calories for the day, and I had to eat a zone bar later in the day to make up some calories, other than eating late it wasn't a bad day. it was in fact a Turkey kind of day as you can see but I love it so thats ok, gotta watch the sodium in the deli meats but I was still ok for the day. my weight has come back to what I was on Friday and I'm rockin my new old Jammies, all is well in my world for today.

As Ever


  1. Congrats on your new comfy jammies actually being comfy on you!! :)
    I know how exciting that is, because I've been doing that exact same thing recently a lot! It's so much fun to dig out old stuff that used to fit years and years ago, and realize that they fit once again!
    I think you should definitely take a pic of yourself in your favorite button-up shirt that you found...because I bet that in another month it will be too big!! You know that most of your readers are chicks, so you know that we all understand and like to hear about clothing dilemmas!!! The only thing is that we wanna see pictures!! Haha!!
    Hey! You posted your food! Yay!! Looks like you are STILL making excellent food choices, and I'm proud of you for getting in that zone bar, just so you wouldn't have a super low number.
    Way to go! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Love the title :)

    HAHA...rockin' the jammies, I love it! I absolutely love love love digging out old clothes that haven't fit in forever and finding that they do fit now or are even too big! I second what Robyn said...we are chicks, we dig the clothes talk and love pictures...hint, hint ;) LOL!