Friday, May 16, 2008

Squeaked out a loss for the week

I feel that determination is to blame for the loss this week, I started the week off by being higher last Saturday and then Sunday I had that terrible meal at Friendly's on Mothers day and I hung around 440 lbs all week. Wednesday after seeing how much I was up I made the decision to just work out and see where the cards fall. This morning I woke up and straight to the scale to see how it all turned out, I hop on and she whispers 437.2 pounds this is good I think to myself, so I step off to get a second opinion, second time on it says the same number 437.2 pounds, so it appears that I have a 1 pound loss for the week, I'll take it. Submit you will fat, I am the one making the decisions now. Honestly if there was no loss at all this week I wouldn't have been too upset, I just said to my wife last night that I am ok with the weight and it not about a number but about the way I feel and what I am doing that matters.

This Honda CBF600 weighs in at 437 lbs

This American Bulldog comes in at 97 lb, which is what I have lost so far

My intake was decent for the day even though it was heavy with breads, ending at 1375 calories, Dinner was a bit stout but as it was mostly turkey and sweet potatoes I am not too worried about it. we made seasoned grilled turkey burgers on 80 calorie rolls with onions, pickles lettuce and tomato, and for a side I made sweet potato fries and a huge glass of green tea, I was very happy as that is quickly becoming one of my favorite meals since starting this new lifestyle. here is the menu from Thursday.


7:45 AM
4oz deli turkey 120
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
sliced tomato 10
blueberry green tea 40

12:00 PM
small apple 60

3:00 PM
2 boiled eggs 140
lite roll 80
less than 1 tbsp miracle whip 25
small dill pickle 5
tiny bit newmans own lite honey mustard dressing 10

6:00 PM
8oz ground turkey burger 320
2 light rolls 160
condiments 30
8oz sweet potato fries 200

Grand total of 1375 calories for the day, and this week is going to be treated as a gateway to harder workouts, I have been playing with some light weights and riding the bike regularly (which we may have run into a problem but that is for another time) and walking when I can. I am one pound lighter which mean one pound stronger and one pound closer to 100 lbs lost, I am just three pounds away from that century mark and looking forward to being able to say that I lost 100 lbs, and every pound of it was lost on my own, no miracle pill, no expensive diet plan or stack of books. I am feeling good about making this decision and the results are huge.

Carry on...

As Ever


  1. I knew you'd have a loss this week!! Way to go, Tony! You pushed past that fat's resistance! You dominated the scale this week! Good work. Way to go!! :)

    Turkey burgers, eh?? Are those any good?? I've thought about making those before....

  2. just want to commend you on your unwavering do you do it? Five months later you are still going strong!

    just a question about your food plan: is it enough? do you feel hungry? just curious..I try to follow 1500-1600 daily and some days I am still hungry. Maybe it a guy thing for you...

    keep on keepin''re an inspiration,

    lisa l.

  3. yippee! woohoo!

    Ready? OK!
    firecracker! firecracker! sis boom bah! go Tony go Tony rah rah rah!!

    I am sooooo cheering you on for that 100lb loss!! Not because of what the scale says so much but more because it is amazing to me to follow along with you doing all this and 100 being a large nice even number is just amazing!

    I sure hope you are feeling triumphant because you deserve to feel great about all you have accomplished! You have changed your lifestyle AND the lifestyle of your wife and children! you are truly an inspiration!

    I am happy for you!

  4. Robyn, the turkey burger are awesome, now I don't know if its because they are close to a hamburger and since I don't eat red meat any more its my subliminal telling me woohoo, but I enjoy them a lot. if you want, I can email you how I make them, just let me know.

    Lisa, first thanks for commenting :) as for your question, no I am usually never hungry and find myself having to eat something later in the early evening just to make up the calories. I believe its a matter of getting over the mental part of food, once you can do that your body know the rest :)

    Holly, Thanks Dork :P and yeah 100 lost will be a good thing :) I can't wait, I was hoping that this week would be the week that I got there but eh... lol

    As Ever

  5. Woo Hoo from me too! Great job this week, and introducing a little more exercise- in my eyes, A LOT more. Keep on keepin on.
    I have never made my own turkey burgers- we get the Jenny-o(?) ones frozen. They are very very good.
    I love turkey anything- meatloaf, meatballs, sausage. YUM!

  6. Turkey burgers sound yummy! Still curious about the blueberry green tea as well. I wouldn't mind an email sharing how you make those burgers. :) dottiemay71 at yahoo dot com.

    Keep up the most excellent work. And I agree, it's not so much the number on the scale as it is how you feel!

  7. I had absolutely no doubt that you would lose at least 1 pound this week :) I love that you're getting so into the working out...I love that feeling! I look forward to the day that I log on here and see your blog title something like "100 lbs gone for good" :) It'll be dang soon I know that for sure...

    I also adore turkey burgers...they taste the same to me as they're a SUPERFOOD!!! LOL!!!

  8. Yes! Email me directions on the turkey burgers! I wanna make those soon. But, please remember to include minute details!! Hahahaha!!

    Thanks in advance! Ooohh...I'd love a burger right now. Hmmm...wonder if I should go get me some of those frozen kinds like Sandy mentioned...

  9. Oh wow I love your new header :)