Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 121, a special day and a new month.

It's just about 9:30 am, as I type this I am eating some pepperoncini. man I love these things. what were you doing at 9:30 am? just think about that for a minute, as many people on the planet there are answers to that question, and each as unique as the next. pepperoncini for me, perhaps you were running to catch a bus, or standing in the shower reflecting back to another day, perhaps you were laying with the person you love or under a person that you don't love. Everybody has an agenda, each and every one of us has a plan, and a history, what will we do for the day? where will we be in 2 hours? where will you be at 9:30 pm? today is actually a good day for my family, my brother is going to have his first child shortly, a Daughter. so this means that I will have a new niece today, maybe even before I finish typing this post as I just spoke to him and they are in the hospital right this second preparing for the C section (in California). every person has a history of where they were when something happened, what they were thinking, who they were with.

One day hopefully I will be able to look back and say "I use to weigh more than 534 pounds" as the listener stares in awe and disbelief because of the shape that I will be in at that point, perhaps it will be my niece that I tell that story to, maybe it will be you over a cup of coffee. who knows for sure? today I have a sense of calm, I don't know why or where its coming from, its just there. I have dropped a significant amount of weight in the past 4 months and can honestly say that I have a feeling of accomplishment because of that. add that to the fact that I am gaining a family member sometime today and I guess it adds up to my current state of ease with the world. It appears that the new month is off to a good start.

My calories for the day were good coming in at 1340 total. My weight is down, it looks like I am having a decent week for a loss but I will give the total dropped on Friday as usual but let me tell ya, its looking good so far for the week. I am considering posting a picture up when I hit the 100 pounds lost mark but haven't decided yet if that will happen, I guess you will have to stay tuned to find out ;) and let me tell ya, its not far off at all after this weeks drop! Thanks for following along with my little slice of life.

Carry on..

As Ever


  1. at 9:30 I was making plans to go to the zoo with my sister. I was watering the lawn and getting ready to jump on the treadmill. The boys were watching Spiderman AGAIN. I had already dropped of the two older ones at school. I also had just realized that the tomato plant I bought and planted a few weeks ago was growing jalapeƱos!!!

  2. Great post Tony :) I'm so excited for you to be an uncle (again?). I just adore babies. Hmm at 9:30 am I had just gotten home from my walk and was standing in the shade of a plum tree in the front yard with the dog watching hubby trim the tree, drinking some water.

    And Holly? LOL at the jalapeno tomato plant!

  3. PS can't wait for the weigh-in tomorrow and YES we need to see a before and current photo! And I know, I know I have to do it too ;)

  4. PPS I also LOVE peppercinis! Can you tell I'm having a spacey day? I can't get my thoughts all together at once, sheesh!

  5. Yay for Uncle Tony!! :)
    I hope you'll post a pic of that new baby. You know us women want to see baby pictures!! And, of course, a progress comparison photo of you MUST be posted soon!! And, I can't wait to see exactly HOW soon - after you post those weigh-in results this morning!! Dun, dun, dun!!
    Yesterday monring, at 9:30, I was probably on the internet, reading other people's blogs. Hahahaha!
    Glad you're feeling so at ease lately! Isn't it great to just not worry about anything and everything?? Sometimes, you just gotta enjoy the day. :)