Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No witty title, so this is it.

I woke up this morning feeling like I would surely be down in weight from yesterday and yet I am up 1.6 lbs from Fridays weight. I am very frustrated with this fluctuation upward the only thing that has changed is that I had that bad meal on Sunday and that I have my bike back and am working out more as well as adding the calisthenics in with some light lifting again, I wonder if there is a connection because I jumped right in instead of taking it slow, I guess it is possible that I am retaining water because of the extra working out, I am sore and have been doing some weight lifting and that can be a cause for retention because of the inflammation, I am unsure and will find out with the coming week but that is my best guess for now. My son has taken notice that I am working out and has become active with doing exercises throughout the day. last night he was doing crunches so I told him that I would do double what he could do, he is not the most athletic kid on the block so I knew I would be relatively safe from failing the super dad challenge. He only did 13 crunches, which surprised me, I thought it would have been more, so I had to do 26 which was an easy number. then he was feeling bold and started in on some push ups and I said to him "I could probably do push ups with you on my back" challenge accepted. 10 push ups later (even though they were not flat on the floor I used the stairs for leverage) my son looked amazed that I did it, I don't think he will challenge me any more for a while. I have lost more weight than he weighs so I knew I could do the push ups beforehand, but I don't think he realizes that fact.

Last nights workout consisted of 20 minutes on the bike at a decent pace, followed by 40 push ups and the above mentioned exercises with my son, not a bad workout, but it was later in the day 7:00 pm ish. I am taking a break from the bike today and I will not take a walk either I want to see if giving my body a break helps the weight, and I know that a single day won't give me a definitive answer but it helps mentally sometimes. Intake was pretty good for Tuesday and I stayed under goal.


8:00 PM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

11:45 AM
dannon lite yogurt 60

2:30 PM
2 boiled eggs 140
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1.5 tbsp miracle whip 50
1/4 tbsp newmans own lite honey mustard dressing 15
large dill pickle 10

5:15 PM
6 oz deli Turkey 180
3 slices of light rye bread 150
1 oz Tings 160
1.5 tbsp Miracle Whip 50

7:45 PM
2 tiny apples 7.8oz 110

8:30 PM
1 quaker granola bar 90

Grand total of 1355 calories for the day, frustration is creeping in because of the gain this week so far. I will try taking it easier with the exercise for a few days and see if it evens back out and if that does not work I will become insane workout guy for a few weeks and force a loss. people talk about addiction to food and being under the control of the food, welp I think I am coming back around to the old me, the 22 year old me that was working out every day and when I was in workout mode thats all that I wanted to do. It would be very easy for me to turn into crazy workout guy and beat my body into submission, I am addicted to losing weight at this point in the game and a gain will be unacceptable. now maybe I am just in a mood this morning and feeling driven and determined or maybe the old me is surfacing because I have seen real results and I am feeling better so a different me...the real me is taking over the wheel, time will tell but it doesn't look good for the fat on my body either way.

As Ever


  1. I know the slight gain is messing with your head, I'm sorry about that. You aren't doing anything are eating well, getting more physical activity, drinking plenty of fluids. You are just having a retention week...a slight flucuation upward. I truly 100% know how you feel, trust me, but you can't let it get to you. You will be back down and lower are improving your health and the weight loss is the bonus :) I hope the weight adjusts itself but if it doesn't...don't are doing such a fantastic job! Don't worry happy ;)

  2. hey Tony- the first thing I thought of was, if you are upping your exercise, do you need to adjust your calories? Secondly, your treat this weekend had sodium, so you might be right about retaining water.
    Exercise is awesome, so maybe your body is going "huh?" and will readjust in a day or two. Just my 2 cents worth. I love the interaction with your son. You are "SUPER DAD". Hi to wify-

  3. Andeely, I am pretty sure I am correct about the lifting/more exercise being why I am heavier, I do honestly think its retention for the inflammation in my chest, shoulders, lats, biceps etc etc etc and once thats gone I will regulate. that frustration thats peeking in is more because I am so close to 100 lbs lost I think :)

    Sandy, I was doing exercise at this level when I first started and thats when I was losing the most, most likely because of the just starting off thing but if it was dropping then it should drop now, and the way I look at it is this way, when I weighed 534 I was eating 1500 and dropping weight, now that I am lighter I should need less calories if anything, 3 docs have said that I should be at 1500 calories per day with moderate exercise (walking etc) and I should be shooting for a 10% loss every 2 months (which I am pretty much on par with that) Thank you for the "SUPER DAD" comment :)

    I think I have lost enough weight now that I can start working out the way I use to. I plan on upping the intensity and the exercises as a whole in the coming weeks. to see how that goes, lately I have been worrying about losing muscle mas with the large amount of weight that I still have to drop.

    wow this became a looooong response lol could have just made a new post :P Thank you both for your comments they are very much appreciated.

    As Ever

  4. you are so funny!!! I can totally picture you with your son on your back -- I am getting a good laugh out of that one -- it is soooo sitcom cliche! I LOVE IT! I bet your house is full of laughs :)

    MY two cents about the weight gain---
    have you weighed yoursefl after you work out-- like right after you are done and all sweaty? That is always when I weigh the least. Most of the water retention is given up to sweating and I haven't had enough time to put it back on in the form of swelling or anything. Maybe if you do your weigh in after a bike ride or something you will notice a difference.

    Also do you take any supplements at all? If I may suggest one that is great for the bowels -- magnesium. I wouldn't take it everyday or anything but once or twice a week or check out this page for food sources.

  5. Don't sweat the little gain. You are doing everything right and you could be gaining from building muscle as well from all the excercise. Stick it out and you will have a loss to smile about =)

  6. I wonder if an Advil or Motrin would help aleviate the retention because they help with muscle tension and soreness??? I don't know, lol :)

  7. I just wanted to chime in about the ibuprofen! It can actually increase water retention. I found this out (the hard way) in Feb or March this year!

  8. C'mon, guys...don't you know that our Zeus won't take Advil anyway?! He likes that pain! :)

    Tony....maybe it's just "one of those weeks" b/c I've got the same story this week about the mysterious pound or two showing back up, unwelcomed and undeserved, on the scale. Of course, I, for one, am about to blame it on my approaching TOM (isn't that such a handy thing to blame for us girls?!) but I bet you are right about the exercising, the inflammation, and the sodium causing a little water retention. Just remember that 16 ounces of water weighs one pound. That's like one trip to the bathroom! So, keep drinking, keep thiking positive, and that retained "weight" will submit soon enough! I know you know it, and you know that I know that you know it. Haha!! T'will be okay, buddy. Don't worry, be happy!

    And, your son?! I bet he is so impressed with is big, strong daddy! I love it that he feels that he can challenge you! Encourage can only do the both of you a lot of good! And fun times, too! He'll remember those times forever.

  9. Wow, Holly, that was very interesting...thanks for the link! Who knew??? I guess that's why they always say to take Midol not Advil when you are I know why!