Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two more days in the fifth month

This might sound odd, so you are warned, But when thinking about my weight loss I lately feel like I have started over and its because I am at a small number again, and what I mean when I say that is I am 100 lbs lost plus whatever I am above, last Friday I weighed in at 430 lbs which is a 104 lb loss, well I am stuck on the 4 lbs. see I told ya odd but I just can't get past feeling that way about it and I know that it is silly. I will just have to wait until I am in the double digits to feel good about the weight again, and yes I know that I am already in triple digits, I know its a mental thing.

I have been back on track this week as far a calories go because I feel like I let this whole past weekend get a little out of hand and went above too many days, so this week (since Tuesday anyway) I have been going a little light on the calories to help the average for the week go down a bit which my Excel sheet will tell me on Sunday if I have succeeded with that. I am into the twenties with this mornings weigh in so I hope to have a decent number come tomorrow morning for the "official" weigh in for the week, I am looking forward to it. here is my menu from Wednesday.


10:15 AM
2 whole wheat english muffins 200
sliced tomato 15
omega 3 spread 25

11:15 AM
1 pear 85

2:45 PM
1 can progreso soup 120
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150

6:15 PM
7 oz BBQ/garlic rubbed roasted chicken 350
6 oz baked sweet potato 150
1.5 cup chopped broccoli 60

9:00 PM
1.5 dannon light yogurt 90

Grand total of 1245 calories

I am just a guy that has had enough with being a "fat guy" and had enough with worrying about things that should not be worried about at my age, death being one of those things. in five short months I have lost more than 100 pounds of fat off of my body and have more than that still to lose and have improved just about every aspect of my life where weight could effect it. Lots of people have emailed me, and a lot more have left comments here or in private messages on a couple forums that I am a member of and I wanted to say thanks to every one of the people that have taken the time to do any or all of those things I just mentioned, it does help and it is a great tool in keeping accountable to know that these people, You people are there reading along and taking the time to send those messages out to a total stranger. So Thank you

As Ever


  1. Well, you're welcome...but to me you don't seem like a perfect stranger, not anymore! We've been on this road together for quite awhile and you're my friend and I'm very happy for your accomplishments to date and look forward to reading about all the future ones too!

    Off topic-how's wify doing with her losses? I haven't heard(read) anything lately and was wondering how she was coming along.

  2. ditto what andeely are no longer a perfect stranger because you have opened up your life and let us peek in at you several times a week. we support you and I for one, read your words for a very selfish reason: I want your success to be a motivation for me. I love seeing that there is someone out there who is DOING it...not just talking about it (like me!)

    as for your post being odd...I totally understand. I have lost 30lbs. since January and I feel like I am spinning my wheels. It is maintaining the same zeal and determination that gets hard...real hard. I often re-read my journal from the beginning to remind myself why I am doing this...I mean I don't really need reminding because I am carrying around 100+ reasons to know WHY I'm doing this...but I have been this way for so long that being this way is just normal for me. I don't want it to be normal see, I totally understand where you are coming from. Sometimes it's just hard to get your head wrapped around your heart.

    thanks for being courageous and steadfast!

  3. You should remember that you are the one that gave me the idea for starting a blog, which has been one of the MAJOR factors that has kept me going all of this time. Without your support, and without all of your posts, I don't think I would have stayed interested in this whole losing-weight thing up to this point. So, I have to thank YOU! All of the times when you have pointed out my "excuses" I made, that would've kept me from keeping on - - thank you. I kinda feel like you're the big brother that I wish I had, since my real brother is pretty much a jerk. Haha!! :) I'm so glad to see your progress each week! You have come a LONG WAY! Don't let your crazy mind get you down with the numbers-issue. You know what you've done. But, on the bright side, thinking that you're "starting over" (in some crazy way) will probably keep you in the game even more!! :D I look forward to your weigh-in post today! :D