Monday, May 12, 2008

Bird poop a movie and walking a plenty

10:27 am Editing in to say My pedals just got here in the mail!! I will be on that bike today!!!

It is just about eight am Monday morning, we went to Mystic aquarium yesterday for mommy's day. Saturday was uneventful starting with some cleaning around the house and ending with a trip to Joanne fabrics where I finally found a presentation box for my grandfathers American flag. Somewhere in the middle of that day I was up more than 5 pounds wth! I was very upset Saturday night as I headed to bed 7 pounds heavier than I was on Friday morning, I do think it is because I had a huge amount of popcorn with a salt/cheddar seasoning on it Friday night when we watched "The green mile" with Tom Hanks, it an older movie but I had never seen it, I have to admit that movie was Great! I loved it, but thats for another time.

I woke up Sunday Mommy's day and we were heading to Mystic Aquarium for the day, we left the house around 9:00 am and stayed at the aquarium until about 2:00pm it was a very nice time and the kids loved the whales and other fish etc. we took our time walking around through all of the exhibits and ended up with just over 250 pictures between Me and my MIL clicking away with our cameras. There is a bird cage which houses I would have to guess a couple hundred birds and you can enter the cage and have the birds land on you while you feed them, only an insane person would go in here voluntarily (we all went in btw) and I say insane because you are entering a cage with hundreds of birds and the chance to get pooped on is very high, Yes I was pooped on. all in all it was a fun day out which ended up with a late lunch early dinner that, well, was not the best thing in the world.

One of the 3 whales that were at the aquarium

This is not the parrot that decided to relax his bowel while sitting above me, so he gets his 15 minutes.

One of the about 5 jelly fish that were at the inside aquarium

Lion fish

The penguins were not cooperating for pictures, but this is one of the couple that I did get.

A tank full of Red bellied piranha

red sea Urchin (I think) lol

There was a Friendly's just up the street from the aquarium and we decided that since it was past 2:30pm and we had not eaten yet that this is where we would eat. lets just say I had the fattiest, greasiest, best tasting! lunch that I have had in just about 5 months, Fried chicken strips, with a big basket of french fries and for desert I shared an oreo cookie coffee sundae with my wife. I figured one bad lunch/dinner in a sea of great eating wouldn't hurt and I may as well enjoy it. I did stick with having just water to drink as they had no green tea so I did save a few calories there, over all it was a great meal and tasted very good.

I snapped a quick pic of the basket before digging in. the half of Giant burger in the top right corner of the photo is wifys double grease burger.

Today I woke up sore from carrying my daughter all over the aquarium for 3 hours (my bicep and shoulders hurt) and my weight is back to what it was on Friday, so everything has normalized back to where it should be and carrying the kiddo around will be considered "extra exercise". I did get a little more sun burned on my head and face and a great time was had by all. I don't even want to guess at my calories for the day (not as bad as you would think because of course I did count them) I know I am above just not as bad as I would have thought for having a massive basket of fried chicken and fries followed by a sundae, not to mention the ginger cookies later that night at My Mother in laws house. all in all it was a good weekend and I weigh the same as I did on Friday at the end of it all so I am happy with that, I am right back on track today and as a matter of fact I am eating my breakfast while I type this, which consists of a banana with peanut butter on it and of course my green tea.

As ever


  1. I was taken by my beau to Mystic a few weeks ago. The birds were in there space, but it hadnt opened yet. It looked really fun. Have you taken the family to the butterfly place in MA? Same idea. My son freaked out when butterflies landed on him. Cant imagine a bird landing on him. He might just pass out
    Glad your weight self corrected itself. Keep up the great work. Did you get my email??

  2. Holy cow...there is NO way you would EVER catch me in a cage with live birds flying around!!! I would have been the one releasing bowels!!! I'm petrified of birds...{shivers}!

    Other than that insanity, the aquarium sounds like a lot of fun.

    I can't believe that meal didn't make you sick to your stomach, lol, if I eat anything that is slightly higher in fat than my body is used to I get the worst stomach ache and bathroom troubles if you know what I mean ;)

    Glad your weight has corrected itself...probably just a little water retention.

  3. I just now read your comments from my Saturday/Friday post. LOL, hubby thought that The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was the slowest ever movie too! I'm just fascinated by Jesse James so I adored the movie...the slow pace didn't bother me, hubby couldn't even watch the whole movie at once, he took several breaks b/c of boredom, lol! And he loved the steak...and of course the cheesecake. He's already eaten about 1/2 of it!

  4. OMG... I just ran across your blog (through HYC)... you are so inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  5. Oh man! Wify's double grease burger looks so good!! Haha!! Glad to hear you had a great time at the aquarium! The pictures are very nice! I'm jealous of all of those french fries, and just the fact that you didn't put on 10 pounds after eating it makes me want to go buy myself some fried chicken and french fries!! But, I'm not gonna!!
    I think that this probably was the very first time since you began that you had such a "cheat" kind of meal! You totally deserved it, so I'm not gonna gripe at you. :)
    And I'm like Andeely - I can't eat that kind of stuff anymore without having horrible stomach issues!

  6. i just want to get on here and post about poop now too! i don't have anything funny/cute to say about it though. oh well.

    I loved the green mile waaaayyy back when I saw it!

    The pictures are really great from the aquarium and the food looks yummy! I agree with Robyn and Wify that hamburger looks like the bomb!

  7. Great pix! Looks like allot of fun!