Friday, May 9, 2008

Weighing in and the Spiders have return.

Wakie wakie eggs and bakie, ummm not really but the spiders are back..Last year around this time my wife walked out onto our back porch and between the wrought iron hand rails there was spiderwebs, and when I say spiderwebs, I mean a lot of webs and it was covered in about 2000 tiny yellow spiders with black markings on their abdomen. I opened the back door this morning to show my daughter that it was still raining outside and she says "look dad buggys" so I take a look at her eye level on our screen door and its covered in tiny yellow spiders again. She takes off running like in the cartoons with her legs becoming a blur, pausing for just a moment and I could swear I heard the sound track from an old Scooby Doo cartoon as she shot into the living room, and out came the 409 spray because bleach works well and they were all over the screen and in the jam so I gave them a spray and this set is gone, but if they are like last years batch we will have 4-5 days worth of huge ol piles of them at a time. ahhhh spring time, ya gotta love it.

This 1996 GSF600 Bandit weighs in at 438 pounds.

Onto the weigh in for the morning. This morning at wake up time I was 437.6 then 438 on the nose then 437.8, I always take the highest weight so we will call it 438 lbs, so I am into the 30's solidly. That is a 3 pound difference from last week and I am happy with that, even though it was a 4 lb drop on Wednesday. I know that I will weigh less in an hour or two because last night before bed I drank almost a half a gallon of water while watching ER. but since 438 is what the scale said thats what the weigh in will be counted at. I am 4 pounds away from being 100 pounds down now, that is very cool to me. each week I put up a photo of something that weighs as much as I do and usually its a motorcycle because when I hit goal weight (or close to it anyways) I am rewarding myself with a motorcycle, and since I am so close to 100 lbs lost and I feel its a significant enough number, I will be posting something that weighs as much as I have lost along with the other pic on weigh in days. here is the first in that series.

Eva Longoria weighs in at 96 pounds which is what I have lost so far.

I have to admit that I really did not think that I would have lost this much weight in so little time but I also have to admit that I am impressed with myself because of it. I also wanted to mention that my wife is down 43 pounds as of this morning as well, I am equally impressed with her loss and feel that I am very lucky to have someone that is following the same low calorie plan that I am. She looks great and we both feel better than we have in a long while. if you add together what we have both lost the number is 139lbs, that is truly insane to me that we were carrying that amount around just over 4 months ago, a lot of hard work and a ton of determination goes a long way it would seem. Thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. OH, COME ON! Did you have to post a picture of Eva Longoria?!! Ugh. 96 pounds. That just makes me sick.


    I'm so happy for you that you continue to see drops on the scale. It is, indeed, a good feeling that makes all of this work and determination worth it. Totally worth it.

    And, you know how one time I compared the # of pounds that my husband and I had lost combined to a dog?? Well, consider this: 139 pounds gone from your couch when you sit together on it with your wife. 139 pounds gone from your bed that you two sleep together on. That's like you kicked a rottweiler named Doofus out of your bed!!


    And spiders?? AHHH! I hate spiders. Call the pest control people to come out and spray!! Quick!! Do it fast!! Before they eat you!!! Haha!!

    Congrats, Tony and wify!! :) Y'all are doing amazing jobs!

  2. Holy 11 year olds batman! My very tall, very muscular 11 year old gymnast weighs 96 pounds! You just lost my daughter! I can't even pick her up and here you were carrying her around with you all the time...I bet it feels good to get her off your back, LOL!

    Seriously though, both of you are doing so great. 43 lbs, that's awesome...way to go wify!

  3. Woo Hoo to you two!!! 96 lbs- wow! And wify, you go girl!!! You must be thrilled to have Doofus out of your bed??!! LOL
    Tony, thanks for the comments- I may take you up on ctc'ing you. All help is welcome.
    You and wify have a nice weekend- hope the weather improves. Happy Mothers Day to wify.
    Absolutely outstanding!!!!!

  4. Thank you girls. I wonder if he'll put a picture of me up there when he loses however much I weight. :)

    We'll have to plan it right, so I weigh the same amount.

    It's weird for me, because I'm slowly losing 1 lb here, 2 lbs there, and all of a sudden I look and 43 lbs are gone. I'm super excited about it, and so thankful Tony's helping me through it. He's come up with some great ideas that just keep working. It's like weight loss is his full time job.

    And OMG! Those stupid spiders. I walked right into them last year. It reminded me of the end of Charlotte's Web when all the babies were catching a flight on the breeze. They were all just flying away and I was caught up in all their little webs. Gross! Glad I'm not there today to walk into it.


  5. I stumbled across your blog and saw you lost Eva!! It cracked me up!! BTW, I would have reacted the same as your dd if I saw the spiders!! I have also used 409 in desperate times to kill ferocious flying bugs!!

  6. cleaning sprays rock! you can use them for just about anything -- makes me wonder though do you use gloves when you clean? I don't but now that I am seeing the darn stuff being used as a toxic and lethal death spray I may reconsider!!!

    Tell Wify Happy Mothers Day!!!!! And tell her that she is doing super duper great with the weight loss!!!!!!! Does Eva really only weigh 96 lbs I was already 115lbs by the time I was in 9th grade gee whiz! 96 lbs --- though I must say that I am happy that you lost that much!!

  7. Thanks for the support guys!

    I am glad I am not the only one that sees other uses for cleaning sprays lol. I thought I was the only one :)

    As Ever