Friday, May 23, 2008

Weigh in day is upon us once again.

All week the weight seems to have been coming down steady, and for that I am appreciative. especially after the small drop from last week, which I was also appreciative because a loss is a loss is a loss. Talking to my wife a day or so ago I said something to the affect of how it is hard to believe that just a few months ago I was more than 100 lbs heavier than I am right now and that when I looked at myself in the mirror recently that I had seen a guy that I have not seen in a long while. There are lots of differences that are starting to show up some subtle, some not so subtle, for instance just last night I was laying on my back on the bed and wify came in and laid down on me to say hi like she always does and she said "oww" and shifted herself over a couple inches, and I just laughed because I knew that my rib had pushed against her and was uncomfortable so she had to adjust, those good ol ribs have not been an issue for a long while I have to say. right on down to the distance between ye old belly and the steering wheel in the car, I look taller as well, walking past a mirror last week I thought "wow I am looking all long" so with this more than 100 lbs comes a lot of things that are different.

This week as I have been leading up to has been a good one for the weight drop. I got on the scale this morning and it said 429.6 lbs, so of course I get on again and it says 430 lbs on the button, try number 3 says 429.6 lbs, so I shall call it 430 lbs for the week which is a 7 pound loss since Friday, 7 pounds! yesterday morning it was 429 lbs on the nose and I am sure if I wait 2 hours that I will be 429 lbs because I weigh less in the early afternoon than the morning, but the highest number of the morning is 430 so thats what it gets counted at. That is 104 pounds lost so far One Hundred four pounds! all I have left to say about it is...Cool..

This 1970 Indian Velocette weighs in at 430 pounds, and in my opinion is what a bike should look like

Here is a 104 pound halibut for your viewing pleasure, that is what I have lost thus far

Intake was good for Thursday, I stayed under calories and we had of a batch of Dads chicken soup for dinner along with some white rice, I am roasting a whole chicken today for dinner so I will have another carcass for a new batch of soup. wify wants me to try a southwestern style soup and of course I am who I am and I will not be looking up a recipe, wheres the fun in that? especially since I have such a good base of a recipe already so I may have a new recipe to post up soon.

Over all I am very happy with this weeks number and just generally happy about how I am coming along with the whole weight loss thang, Thanks for reading along I do appreciate the support.

As Ever


  1. WOW! your results continue to be amazing. Great job!!
    Continued success!!!!

  2. Geez...that halibut is HUGE!! To imagine that you've shed that much weight from your body is nothing short of mind-baffling! Way to go! Obviously, you know exactly what you're doing, and your weight loss will continue. I'm very happy for you, once again! Congratulations! :)

  3. Nice! Sheesh, it just seems to melt right off of you like butteh. Mmm, southwest soup sounds good, make sure you make it nice and spicy ;) That is a nice looking bike! I love noticing those little things...pants feel bigger, it's easier to tie shoes, do a double take when walking by a stuff!